open source load testing tools
I found a blog post on entitled, Using Open Source Software for HTTP Load Testing, but I can’t find supporting explanation of the primary premise: there are only 5 legitimate tools.

Here is what I do see:

A good way to see how your Web applications and server will behave under high load is by testing them with a simulated load.If you leave out the load-testing packages that are no longer maintained, non-free, or fail the installation process in some obscure way, you are left with five candidates: curl-loader, httperf, Siege, Tsung, and Apache JMeter.

Hmmm. There is no substantiation. There is no description of the process undertaken to come to this conclusion. I wish the author presented some detail of why some packages do not meet the criteria. I would love to see the list of those open source load testing tools that are no longer supported or that fail the installation process.

I tried to send a comment to the author, but “This story has been archived. Comments can no longer be posted.”

Maybe I’ll reach him through LinkedIn.