AWS Aurora – The Game Changer


Last November, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a new database service, named Aurora, which appears to be a real challenger to commercial database systems. AWS will offer this service at a very competitive price, which they claim is one-tenth that of leading commercial database solutions. Aurora has a few drawbacks some of which are temporary, but the many benefits far outweigh them. Benefits Using hardware specially built for Aurora, AWS has come up with a service that tightly integrates database with hardware, Aurora delivers over 500,000 SELECTS/sec and 100,000 updates/sec. That is five times higher than MySQL 5.6 running the […]

Can load testing help stop hackers?


In light of the recent Sony hack, security should be on every web developer’s mind. This cyber attack, which is being called “the worst cyber attack in U.S. history” by Sony’s CEO, is a perfect example of why security is something we all need to take seriously. An enormous amount of personal and financial information was revealed for millions of customers. As we grow increasingly aware of these occurrence, we as developers need to go forward with the mindset that people will be trying to access our data. As the internet and technology permeates throughout physical stores, our information is […]

Optimizing for Mobile Traffic


Every year mobile traffic is growing. This year 41.2% of all cyber monday traffic came from mobile. It’s a trend that every business should start to plan, and develop for. Options for Mobile Optimized Experiences Based on figures provided by the mobile experts at Flurry, app usage is increasing while mobile web surfing is decreasing. With the growing trend of using apps over web browsing on mobile devices, it is a good idea to consider developing an app. However, developing your own app is usually very time consuming and expensive. For many companies, developing their own mobile app is simply […]

WordPress Hosting Providers Study: Web Performance & Scalability

WordPress Study Featured Image

Click to Zoom Experiment: When it comes to web performance, study after study has proven: fast and scalable wins the race. But with thousands of WordPress hosting providers, how do you know which one is fast and scalable? That is where comes in. Their business is all about helping people identify which hosting provider is the best choice for them. Kevin Ohashi from ReviewSignal has been working with LoadStorm to run a series of load tests on some of the top WordPress hosting providers to determine which is the best for companies who need scalable websites. Our performance engineers […]

Introducing QuickStorm

Slider Storm

Here at LoadStorm, we’re happy to announce one of our newest, free features! Are you interested in web development? Have you creating your own site? QuickStorms are a great tool to get initial insight into site performance, and can also be used as a tool to benchmark performance before making performance enhancements on your site. What is a QuickStorm? QuickStorms are small, short load tests that can be used to evaluate site performance. All you have to do is enter your site’s URL. LoadStorm will generate a load test against the URL, scaling from 1 – 10 virtual users over […]

Google improves CAPTCHA


Google recently announced their “no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” method that simplifies the end-user experience while offering an intelligent threat assessment behind the scenes to detect potential robots. All you will typically need to do is click a checkbox that tells their CAPTCHA that you’re not a robot. Then a brief loading animation occurs while it runs the assessment algorithm. If the system is not sure you’re human, it will then prompt you with an additional CAPTCHA check that uses the traditional distorted image for an extra security check. However, if you’re on a mobile browser, you may encounter a different method […]

Cyber Monday Performance Evaluations


From Amazon to Argos, online retailers are experiencing more traffic than ever this holiday season. This Cyber Monday reached a record high of $2.68 billion! Competition is fierce, and in this game, seconds = $$$. This year, we selected 29 major e-commerce sites and used LoadStorm to run several tests to compare their performance on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving with Cyber Monday. We created scripts for each site to model typical e-commerce user activity. Each script would hit the homepage, search for a product, add a product to the cart, and then visit the cart. Then we ran our performance […]

The Best and Worst of Cyber Monday Web Performance


Introduction: How the big brand name e-commerce sites handle the heavy traffic on Cyber Monday is always of great interest to our team and our readers. So this year, we decided to run a short experiment on some of the top companies to bring you the best and the worst performers this Cyber Monday. The 28 companies we chose to test included companies who had painful Cyber Monday crashes in previous years, companies who were running fantastic online deals, and companies that are known to have huge volumes of online holiday shopping traffic. Experiment: We ran WebPageTest, an open source […]

Tips and Tricks to Troubleshooting PRO Scripts


Overview When a recording is first uploaded, it behaves the same as when it was recorded; That is, it makes all the same requests, with no differentiating qualities. Until you parameterize it, our application will simply repeat all of the GETs, POSTs, and occasional PUT requests the same way they were recorded, but we handle a few things automatically such as cookies and most form tokens. Often new scripts can have a bundle of requests and only a few of which that need parameterization to work as expected for every VUser that makes that request. These problems are often found […]

6 Facts About Cyber Monday Every E-Commerce Business Should Know

Cyber Monday Crashed Websites

1. Cyber Monday is Growing Adobe reported that Cyber Monday e-commerce sales in 2013 reached $2.29 billion – a staggering 16% increase over 2012. comScore reported that desktop sales on Cyber Monday 2013 totaled over $1.73 billion, making it the heaviest US online spending day in history. With these kinds of numbers, only time will tell how long Cyber Monday will continue to grow. But one thing is certain, Cyber Monday is the single most important day of the year for e-commerce businesses. 2. Mobile Shopping is Growing Sites only designed for desktops are missing out on a huge chunk […]

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