Video Tutorials for Load and Performance Testing.

Our video tutorials help you understand the features of LoadStorm. Start testing the performance and scalability of your web application today! You can also view our video tutorials on our YouTube playlist.


Video Tutorials - How does LoadStorm work?
How does LoadStorm work?
An overview of LoadStorm PRO.



Video Tutorials - Record a HAR in Chrome
Record a HAR in Chrome.
How to create a recording of a browser session in Chrome.



Video Tutorials - Record API calls using Postman in Chrome
Record API calls in Postman.
Please see our Learning Center for up-to-date instructions. Use Postman to record API calls. Save the requests as a HAR that can be used to load test your application server.



Video Tutorials - Record a HAR in Firefox
Record a HAR in Firefox.
How to create a recording of a browser session in Firefox.



Video Tutorials - Record a HAR in Internet Explorer 11
Record a HAR in IE 11.
How to create a recording of a browser session in Internet Explorer 11.



Video Tutorials - Parameterizing a Login Form
Parameterize a Login Form.
How to parameterize a login POST request with login credentials from a CSV file.



Video Tutorials - Using Dynamic Data
Using Dynamic Data.
How to find and use dynamic response data for parameterization of a script.



Video Tutorials - Generated User Data
Generated User Data.
How to create generated user data files. Generated data uses formulas for each column to generate rows of data. This data begins from a starting point and can grow as large as necessary during a load test.



Video Tutorials - User Data Row Assignment
User Data Row Assignment.
How VUsers get assigned to rows within a CSV or Generated Data file during a load test.



Video Tutorials - Transactions
How to create transactions, and what they look like after a test run.



Video Tutorials - Swapping Servers
Swapping Servers.
How to change a target domain within a script to a different domain. A common use for this is to switch from a development environment to a production environment.



Video Tutorials - More Tutorials Coming Soon
More Tutorials Coming Soon.
We hope to have new videos soon. Until then, please visit our Learning Center for documentation. Otherwise, please contact to request help.