LoadStorm can run a performance test for you. Easily. Quickly. Cheaply.

Why should you care? Because faster sites make more money. It’s statistically proven.

Cloud computing allows us to generate very large load, so you can run a performance test up to 10,000 requests per second or 100,000 concurrent users.


Please sign up for a Breeze account, and you can run unlimited load tests with 25 concurrent virtual users all month, every month at no charge. This is not a trial – there is no time limit. “STORM” your site with thousands of virtual users. Let LoadStorm do it for you.

Create as many performance test plans, scenarios, and steps as you need. You can simulate virtual users logging into your system, purchasing with credit cards, going through specific links, and randomly clicking through the site.

Storm on Demand is a pay per test model that allows you to run one test for $399 with 10,000 concurrent users.

performance testing load volumeNotice the corresponding graph below that shows the results for the same test. Peak Response Times have a dramatic increase about 13 minutes into the test. The Average Response Time does NOT spike quickly, so there is indication of one or two resources becoming a bottleneck in the system. Those resources are starting to timeout and return errors (in red) while most other resources are performing well. Failure or success? It’s definitely a performance problem in the target web application, however that makes it a stress testing success! LoadStorm’s error report will show you exactly what resource was causing the issue.

performance testing load response