10 Best Workhorse Sprayers Of 2023

Online shopping has permanently altered the way we shop. There are more options available than ever, and it’s much simpler to find exactly what you want and make a quick purchase of it. Before, you had to travel from store to store in search of the brand and model you wanted. Now, all you have to do is go to a website like Amazon, type in a few keywords, and select the kind of workhorse sprayers you require.

However, because of the convenience, you must be cautious when shopping or else things could quickly go wrong. Here’s where our evaluations can be useful. We’ll go into great detail about the top 10 workhorse sprayers on Amazon and explain why each one is so outstanding. To help you make an informed decision, we’ll also point out some of these products’ flaws and shortcomings.

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Top 10 Best workhorse sprayers In The Market

1. Workhorse HG200 Replacement Sprayer Tip – Sprayer Nozzle for LG05SS 5 Gallon Spot Sprayer | Replacement Parts & Accessories

Features :

  • REPLACEMENT ACCESSORY: Perfect to upgrade old nozzles or replace damaged ones, this WorkHorse replacement tip is the ideal accessory to help reduce interruption due to lost parts while working. Enjoy nonstop performance with this substitute nozzle.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Efficiently helping you spray your lawns and garden with liquid solutions, this replaceable accessory is exclusively manufactured for the LG05SS 5 Gallon Spot Sprayer. It offers optimum performance when placed on the LG05SS levered handgun.
  • DURABLE PRODUCT: This spot spray nozzle is made with hard-plastic ensuring extreme durability. The material construction of the accessory helps reduce unwanted damage and withstand daily wear and tear to avoid regular replacement requirements.
  • GENUINE PARTS: This product comes with the promise of genuine Workhorse merchandise. The replacement nozzle is easy to fit into the spot sprayer that is typically used for spraying small gardens and lawns.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: An ideal accessory for the 5 Gallon sprayer handgun, this Workhorse replacement sprayer tip provides complete proficiency while spraying.

2. Workhorse ATV2503 White, 3 Nozzle Boom Sprayer – 25 gal. Polyethylene Tank ATV Sprayer with 60 PSI Hand Gun, 15ft. Hose

Features :

  • AGRICULTURAL SPRAYER: WorkHorse boom sprayer is suitable for sprinkling pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and the liquid of your choice for weed control. Very useful for quickly covering larger premises in hard-to-reach, off-road terrains, this ATV sprayer has definite commercial usage.
  • COMMERCIAL SPRAYER: The heavy duty sprayer has a polyethylene tank that fights away tank-related replacements/repairs. Ready to withstand chemical solutions and resist corrosion or inclement weather, this horticulture sprayer helps property owners in distant spraying and somewhat targeted spraying.
  • HORTICULTURAL SPRAYER: Useful for spraying in bulk, spraying crop fields and managed gardens, playgrounds, pasture land, or small farm plots, this agriculture sprayer is equipped with a hand gun that covers a span of 140 in. – equaling the coverage as conventional 7 nozzle sprayers! Equally good for sporadic or repeat spraying.
  • ALL-AROUND SPRAYING: This ATV boom sprayer delivers powerful performance, ensuring easy pressure adjustment from 0 to 60 PSI. The mountable sprayer is suitable for chemical administration in farms and vineyards. Highly recommended for spraying row crops, waterways, roadways, and small lots.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: The high pressure sprayer is equipped with quick attach 3-nozzle boom. This 25 gallon sprayer comes with exclusive flood tips [with extended range]. The sprayer hand gun is attached to a 15 in. hose for maximum coverage.

Additional Info :

Color White

3. Workhorse 610047 Replacement Wand 10 inch [Black] for LG05SS & LG05SSG2 5 Gal. Rechargeable Spot Sprayer with 9 feet Coil Hose

Features :

  • SPOT SPRAYER SUPPLIES: Garden sprayer like the LG05SS & LG05SSG2 needs to be versatile, used extensively for maintenance of gardens, lawns, fence rows, and small patches along the deck. This sprayer wand is critical to ensure the sprayer maintains its horizontal/vertical reach, ensuring reachability across difficult-to-access corners/spots.
  • RELIABLE REPLACEMENT: The replacement wand offers durable, long lasting performance backed with precision-based fitting. The sprayer wand is designed for LG05SS & LG05SSG2 5 Gallon Spot Sprayer and is aimed at a quick, hassle-free wand replacement without needing professional guidance.
  • TIMELY CHANGE: Capable of delivering 45 PSI up to 1 gallon per minute, a Workhorse sprayer wand is expected to last for a long time but sustained usage & neglectful handling can take a toll. This is when a replacement wand with typical Workhorse qualities like amazing resistance to the outdoors is recommended.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: This spray wand replacement ensures that your LG05SS & LG05SSG2 lawn sprayer can carry-on uninterrupted. This means amazing spraying intensity and coverage when using the wand for weedicide and pesticide spraying. Use this wand for greenhouses and rooftop spraying without any apprehensions.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Black color spray wand is 10-inches long. Additional coil hose comes as an accessory measuring 9 ft. The garden sprayer replacement hose and wand are easy to mount/install without using any special tools.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 10
Width 0.5
Length 10
Weight 0.8

4. Workhorse ATV25BL 25 Gallon Boomless Sprayer [White] Adjustable Spray Nozzle – 24 ft. Coverage ATV Sprayer for Tree Lines, Fenced Areas, Ditches

Features :

  • SPRAYING PERFORMANCE: Height adjustable sprayer comes with side valves which are easy to shut/open. The deluxe pistol grip handgun with adjustable brass tip provides more control spray pattern, making it ideal to spray tree lines, gardens, and ditches.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Workhorse sprayers have the reputation of performing beyond expectations. This agricultural sprayer finds widespread commercial usage. The horticultural sprayer has 2 boomless nozzles with quick attach & detach function for easy DIY use. The sprayer adjusts to 3 different heights, enabling more customization options.
  • HEAVY-DUTY SPRAYER: Designed for challenging terrains, the adjustable spray nozzle sprayer provides hassle-free usage with its 25 gallon tank and industrial design. Valve function means ease of spraying along left & right side. Pressure gauge makes it easy to customize the pressure range for changing spraying requirements.
  • DURABILITY ASSURED: The 25 gallon sprayer uses a polyethylene tank for a longer-lasting performance. Nozzle boomless tips can easily outlast daily spraying duties. Round-up ready ATV sprayer impresses with high chemical resistance in the toughest outdoor environments.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: ATV boomless sprayer is equipped with 5.0 GPM, 12 volt pump and adjustable pressure range of 0 to 60 psi. Equipped with a spray broom, it delivers 24-feet spray coverage and comes with an 8-inch universal wiring harness, switch and clips.

Additional Info :

Color Black

5. Workhorse ATV002BK 2 Nozzle Boom Kit – 80 inch Coverage Boom Sprayer with Check Valves, Filters, Universal Components | ATV Spray Kit

Features :

  • MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT: WorkHorse Boom Sprayer is the perfect choice to upgrade for conventional spot sprayers, transforming them into high-grade boom configured sprayer. It is ideal for cleaning duties related to large outdoor premises and for spraying fertilizers or pesticides.
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY: With heavy-duty construction, the boom sprayer kit promises a long life, eliminating the need for regular replacement. The commercial sprayer is made to withstand chemical solutions and resist corrosion, liquids & harsh weather, making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • HIGH COVERAGE: The agriculture sprayer ensures a high-spray range for maximum efficiency. The horticultural sprayer covers a span of 80 inches when in use and emits an even and equal spray of water or other pesticides for optimum results.
  • EASY COMPATIBILITY: The heavy-duty sprayer delivers the finest performance when used with WorkHorse LG25 DSS Deluxe Spot Sprayer. The nozzle sprayer uses easy mounting parts, with a quick attach & detach system for hassle-free installation and DIY use.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Ideal to be used with universal boom components, the high pressure sprayer has a 2-nozzle construction. ATV sprayer kit is equipped with check valves for security and filters to ensure uninterrupted spraying. Recommended for commercial use.

6. Workhorse 15 Gallon Spot Sprayer – Polyethylene Tank, 12V Demand Pump, Lever Spray Gun with Adjustable Nozzle – LG15ESS

Features :

  • LAWN SPRAYER: Developed for convenient chemical administration across small plots, the spot sprayer can be configured to mount to the standard ATV, UTV or lawn tractor. The garden sprayer is suitable for spraying pesticide, weedicide and fertilizer and is easy to maneuver.
  • WIDE MOUTH TANK: Workhorse spot sprayer has a polyethylene tank that can resist corrosion due to chemicals or outdoor weather conditions. It has a wide mouth that makes it easy to pour the chemical by minimizing spills. It also makes it convenient to clean the 12V sprayer after use.
  • DOMESTIC USAGE: The spot fertilizer sprayer is suitable for small to medium projects. It can be used to administer chemicals in nurseries, lawns, personal farms, and in small gardens along the patio or deck and more.
  • EVEN SPRAYING: The weed control sprayer is equipped with lever spray gun with adjustable nozzle that ensures uniform spraying across the land. It ensures maximum coverage, each time. Highly recommended for repeat target spraying, isolated spots and small fenced areas.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: 15 gal. spot sprayer is equipped with a 1.0 GPM Demand Pump that requires 12V power for operation. The small transport sprayer comes with a standard 15-feet hose and 8-feet wiring harness. It offers a maximum pressure of 40 PSI.

7. Workhorse 640454 Replacement Pump [Black] for LG05SS 5 Gal. Rechargeable Spot Sprayer

Features :

  • ONLY GENUINE PARTS: Use this replacement pump if you are facing weaker flows in your LG05SS spot sprayer. Workhorse pumps last for a long time but regular usage can take a toll. A timely replacement helps to keep-up the performance expected from your spot sprayer.
  • MAINTAINS EFFICIENCY: Replacement sprayer pump for your 5 gallon sprayer ensures maximum vertical & horizontal spray. Such rechargeable sprayer pumps are typically used for small acreage spraying. Perfect replacement part for DIY home users.
  • USE WORKHORSE ORIGINALS: LG05SS is a portable, compact wheeled sprayer. It eliminates the need of heavy/large sprayers for residential use. An aging unit needs the genuine replacements. This Workhorse pump weighs 1.00 lb. It ensures your garden sprayer remains as efficient as a new unit does!
  • EASY TO USE: This perfect-fitting battery operated pump can be easily connected & disconnected on demand. Replacement is a simple process. Trust this product to power your 5 gallon pressure sprayer for spraying fertilizers, water, weedicides, etc.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Replacement Workhorse Pump is a 1.0 GPM on demand pump which can spray concentration mixes up to 45 PSI with a maximum vertical and horizontal spray of 12 feet and 25 feet. The standard color is Black.

8. Workhorse 610001 Replacement Tank Lid [Black] for LG05SS 5 Gal. Rechargeable Spot Sprayer

Features :

  • REPLACEMENT PART: LG05SS is a portable sprayer typically used for residential plots. The garden sprayer is ideal for weed control activities. This replacement tank lid is designed to fit the sprayer tank of your LG05SS perfectly.
  • GENUINE WORKHORSE: The replacement lid comes with the promise of genuine Workhorse merchandise. The tank lid is easy to fit into the wheeled cart sprayer. Feel assured about the durability expected from genuine Workhorse products.
  • EASE OF USE: LG05SS rechargeable sprayer can deliver up to 40 gallons of high pressure fluids on a single charge but heavy-duty spraying means frequent access to the tank. The tank lid can wear-out due to repeated usage. This tank lid is engineered not to be worn-out easily.
  • WATERPROOF COMPONENT: A garden sprayer used along the sidewalk, decks, balconies, and patios, the LG05SS has waterproof & chemical-proof components and needs an airtight seal. This lid ensures to keep-up this promise, having similar wear & tear resistance.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Designed to fit the tank of LG05SS 5 gallon sprayer flawlessly, this replacement tank lid is easy to fit. It comes in a standard Black shade.

9. Workhorse ATV1502 15 Gallon ATV Economy Sprayer – Adjustable 2 Nozzle Boom Sprayer, 80 in. Coverage w/Handgun, 8 Ft. Wiring Harness, Battery Clips, Switch

Features :

  • MAINTENANCE SPRAYER: Suitable for various commercial and agricultural applications, this handgun sprayer is perfect for spraying liquid weedicides, pesticides, fertilizers and other pest-control substances over expansive areas.
  • COVERAGE RANGE: With an 80 in. boom coverage, the boom nozzle sprayer offers maximum efficiency and allows speedy spraying of areas. The handgun has a 15 ft. long hose, allowing easy maneuverability and ability to reach spaces that are otherwise difficult to access.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The ATV liquid sprayer features a 15 gallon tank made with polyethylene. The material gives the tank increased structural strength and resists chemical substances, making it appropriate for spraying solutions. The large fill mouth allows ease of filling it up, avoiding spillage.
  • EASE OF ACCESS: The versatile economy boom sprayer is easy to transport and can be mounted onto any ATV without hassle. The handheld gun helps with precise spraying and is equipped with two adjustable nozzles. It is ideally used for spraying in gardens, driveways, ditches, ponds, pastures and orchards.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: This 2 nozzle sprayer hosts a 5.0 GPM, 12 volt demand pump and supplies 2.0 to 60 PSI pressure range. The sprayer hosts an 8 ft. wiring harness with battery clips and a switch.

10. Workhorse Deluxe Spot Sprayer – White Handheld Sprayer with 30 ft. Stream Range, 25 Gallon Tank – ATV Sprayer LG25DSS

Features :

  • COMMERCIAL SPRAYER: Suitable for various types of commercial and residential spraying applications, the deluxe spot sprayer is often used for agricultural and gardening maintenance. It will help you spray weedicide, pesticide and fertilizer with ease.
  • HIGH COVERAGE RANGE: With a vast and strong stream range of 30 ft., the spot sprayer helps cover larger and difficult-to-reach distances in less time durations. The 15 ft. hose gun with an adjustable brass tip, helps maneuver the sprayer with ease and adds to the coverage efficiency.
  • EASE OF ACCESS: The handheld sprayer can be assembled and mounted onto ATVs without any hassle and provides easy portability. The handgun makes it more versatile and allows movement for precise spraying. The ATV sprayer is ideally used for spraying pastures, orchards, driveways, ditches, gardens and agricultural patches.
  • DURABLE PRODUCT: The boomless spot sprayer features a 25 gallon tank manufactured with highly durable polyethylene. The material construction of the tank delivers added structural strength while its large fill mouth allows easy filling, eliminating chances of spillage.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: This easy mount sprayer hosts a 12 volt demand pump and supplies 2.0 to 60 PSI pressure range. It features an 8 ft. wiring harness with battery clips and switch along with an inline shut-off function.

Considerations To Make Before Buying The Best workhorse sprayers

When you’re ready to buy workhorse sprayers, there are a few things you should consider before making your choice. You should be aware of how the product feels and looks, as well as what it can do for you. The best course of action when making a purchase is to avoid letting your emotions influence your choice. Given that you cannot touch or feel the items before making a purchase when you shop online, this is especially true.

  • What is your projected budget?
  • How often are you going to use it?
  • What qualities are important to you?
  • Is a warranty provided?
  • How intuitive is it to use?
  • How many people will use the product?
  • What qualities are you looking for?
  • Do you favor expensive or budget models?

The following should be considered before making a purchase:


When buying workhorse sprayers, it’s important to stick with well-known brands rather than picking obscure ones. If a company has been producing high-quality goods for a while, there is no reason why their most recent model shouldn’t be outstanding. This does not necessarily mean that you will be more likely to buy high-quality products from such a company, but it does!


If you’re looking for workhorse sprayers cheap and cheerful, check Amazon to see if anyone is selling it for less. However, when it comes to expensive items, it is better to spend more for quality and durability as opposed to choosing a less expensive alternative that might need more frequent repairs and raise costs overall.


An excellent workhorse sprayers will last longer than a subpar one. Durability also refers to how long a product will last before requiring replacement parts. Buying a new device outright because a single component broke is typically less expensive if these are provided by the manufacturer.


The first consideration is the caliber of workhorse sprayers. Whether a product lasts as long as it promises to and for how long depends on its quality. Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure you buy a product that has been examined and approved by professionals and users. Additionally, it would be best if you completely avoided buying from a brand if there were any negative reviews about it.


Reviews are a great way to learn more about workhorse sprayers before making your own purchase. When reading reviews, it’s important to consider both the positive and negative feedback in order to make an accurate assessment of the subject product. It’s also crucial to read through a variety of user reviews because every user will have a different experience with a product depending on their preferences and how frequently they use it.

Consider The Product’s Features

When shopping for workhorse sprayers, there are a number of things to consider before making a purchase. First, think about the product’s features and how well they might satisfy your needs. To get a sense of what other customers thought of the product, read product reviews written by other customers.

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When choosing the workhorse sprayers to test, she scoured brand and retailer websites, taking into account price, verified customer reviews, features, and design. She also conducted extensive research on the most recent technology, taking into account practicality and real-world applications.

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