Performance Testing Interview with Phillip Odom

Phillip Odom’s background is in Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering. Phillip grew up in Nashville, TN in the late 1970’s and 1980’s with access to “home computers” like the Tandy TRS-80, the Commodore 64, the Apple II, the Amiga, etc. So his childhood was spent making these quirky and somewhat crude machines do things, sometimes anything. When and why did you get into this industry? Professionally I have been working in technology for almost 20 years. I spent the first ten years working in the hardware and IT services sectors (Integration/Product Development/R&D) almost exclusively focused on the healthcare vertical. In 2004 I […]

Web Performance Lab: Meet the Team

Web Performance Lab: Meet the performance engineering team

Over the next year, our team will be working tirelessly to bring you the best of the best in performance engineering content. We have several experiments we are working on to test and prove what changes really make a difference in web performance and scalability. Our team will be running performance experiments, documenting the results, bringing you the facts and sharing the best tips and tricks we learn along the way. Scott Price: Meet our fearless leader: Scott is VP of Sales, CMO, and Chief Performance Engineer. He is from Lexington, Kentucky and now lives and works in Colorado. Scott […]

Performance Testing Interview with Jason Buksh

Jason Buksh is a Technical Project Manager and Performance Consultant in London, England. Jason has extensive experience with performance testing at many companies including HSBC and Siemens. He is skilled with tools such as Rational, Grinder, and Performance Studio. His certifications include LoadRunner. We appreciate his time to share some good thoughts with us about a topic that gets us excited. Here is his interview with us.   What is your technical background? I learned to program when I was 13 – it was a vic20, I then swiftly moved onto 6502 for the BBC micro. University studying computer science […]

Performance Testing Interview with Rodney Bone

Rodney Bone is a performance consultant that works for Revolution IT in Brisbane, Australia. He has graciously invested his time to share insights about performance testing interview with us. Please follow him on Twitter (@rod_bone) and tweet your thanks for his interview. That’s Rod in the picture at the right when he did some reserve time during the Brisbane floods over Christmas. The slow sign is just ironic.   What is your technical background? Started as a software engineer with Accenture, where I was involved in the entire end to end SDLC including experience in the BA space.   Do […]

Interview with Basilio Briceno about Performance Testing

Basilio Briceno is the Senior Developer at Naranya – one of the leading new media companies in LatinAmerica, with special focus in the mobile entertainment and mobile marketing world. He is also a Community Member of the Mozilla Foundation and Project Lead at Tlalokes PHP framework. Basilio is or has been a college professor, a public speaker, and an independent consultant with these specialties: PHP, UNIX, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Apache, IIS, Bind, Bash, Photoshop, Gimp, (X)HTML, DB/2, Websphere, JSP, JSF, Javascript, MySQL, Oracle, Perl, PostgreSQL, Postfix, and XML. Check out his personal blog site when you get a chance. Let’s […]

Interview with Joe Emison

Joe Emison is the VP of Technology at BuildFax. He is also the Chief Systems Architect at BUILDERadius. A world-class multi-tasker, Joe lives in Ashville, North Carolina. Joe has experience with load and performance testing, and we are grateful he invested his time to share some good thoughts with us about a topic we are excited about. On an interesting note, Joe is also a JD graduate from Yale Law School. How many alpha geeks do you know that went to law school? It’s a rare breed that only the folks at LoadStorm can hunt down. 😉 Let’s start the […]

Interview with Software Engineer Will Wolff-Myren

Will Wolff-Myren is a software professional that loves building web applications. He has a blog with technical articles that are usually centered around developing on a Microsoft platform. Will is a Software Engineer working for about the last 5 years at He is a fan of Firebug and Charles. He identifies some good links and useful books with us too. We appreciate Will taking the time to share some information with us.   What is your technical background? I’ve had a variety of experience in web design/development and software engineering, starting with my first experiences in Java programming (all […]

Performance Testing Interview with Adron Hall

A couple of months ago, Adron and I connected on Twitter. He fits the perfect profile of people I like in social media: a web developer, software architect, cloud computing advocate, public speaker, adrenaline junkie that is into heavy metal, transit & logistics, economics, and beautiful things. He also believes that load testing is often overlooked and performance can make or break a project (see below). Adron is a Senior Application Developer at Russell Financial with strong technical skills in C#, VB.NET, VB 6/5/4, SQL, SQL Server, OLAP, SQL Server Analysis Services, and lots more. Other impressive abilities include keen […]

Performance Testing Interview with Perry Reed

Perry Reed has worked in performance testing for eight years, and he has extensive experience with load testing for large software applications. Perry has applied his skills at such companies as Publix Supermarkets and Home Shopping Network. Currently, he works for the largest company in the world – HSBC (according to this page on LinkedIn). We appreciate Perry sharing some of his insights and best practices with us. This performance testing interview helps us performance testers add to our knowledge of the craft. Please share one tip or best practice that is important to you regarding performance (or load) testing […]

Performance Testing Interview with Peter Gfader

Peter Gfader was born in South Tirol Italy, studied in Austria, and is now working in Sydney Australia as a.NET developer for SSW. His title is Senior Software Architect, ScrumMaster & Scrum Developer Trainer. Peter blogs about .NET development. On his blog, he covers many aspects of the Microsoft stack including C# programming, usability, tips & tricks, best practices, problems, and solution development. Most recently he is dealing with the creation of an online chat application that has several requirements including: People on the web should be able to use it No download of an application Broadcasting messages to all […]