LoadStorm PRO

What our customers say…

“LoadStorm is a great tool. It gives us peace of mind before the big event.
I’ll definitely sleep better tonight. We used to guess our limits. Now we know.
I love LoadStorm and so do our clients.”

– Nate Haug, Senior Architect, Lullabot –

LoadStorm PRO Benefits

Cloud Based

Easy Recording
of Scripts

Scripting Control



Work Entirely in the Cloud

LoadStorm PRO allows you to work entirely on a cloud based platform. This means that there is no hardware to purchase, no software to download, and you have intricate control over all your tests including selective global distribution of traffic.

No hardware to purchase

Gone are the days of “old-school” load testing setups. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on servers for a testing lab to run your large load tests, LoadStorm uses the power of cloud servers and is able to run load tests up to 1,000,000 concurrent VUsers. This saves your testing team both time and money.

No software to download

There is no download or long install process with LoadStorm PRO. Just request a free demo and a consultant will get you a free account set up in minutes!

Test from anywhere

Our cloud platform allows you to test from any computer with internet access. Therefore, if your company has professionals in America and Germany, both teams can be working on scripts and reviewing the same load testing results.

Geographic distribution of traffic

With LoadStorm PRO, you have complete control over the geographic distribution of traffic. Only want US traffic to hit your application? Need mostly Ireland traffic with a mix of global VUsers? How about 50/50 split between Singapore and Tokyo? You have many options that are easily accomplished with LoadStorm PRO.