Messi Vs Ronaldo Differences in Age

Messi was born on June 24, 1987, while Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985. This means that Messi is two years and four months younger than Ronaldo. As far as their professional careers are concerned, Messi made his debut for Barcelona in 2004, while Ronaldo made his debut for Sporting Lisbon in 2002.

So, at the start of their careers, Ronaldo had a two-year head start over Messi.

In the world of football, there are few names more iconic than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The two stars have dominated the sport for over a decade, winning an unprecedented number of individual and team trophies. They’re widely considered to be the two best players in the world, and their rivalry is one of the most fascinating in all of sports.

One key factor that sets them apart is their age difference. Messi is 31 years old, while Ronaldo just turned 34 in February. That may not seem like a big deal, but in the fast-paced world of professional football, those three years can make a significant difference.

Messi is currently in his prime, while Ronaldo is starting to enter into the twilight of his career. That’s not to say that Ronaldo isn’t still an elite player – he most certainly is – but Father Time catches up with everyone eventually. Messi has a slight edge in this regard, and it could be argued that it’s one of the reasons why he’s been slightly more successful than Ronaldo over the past few years.

Of course, age isn’t everything. Both Messi and Ronaldo are freaks of nature who have worked tirelessly to hone their craft. They’re both exceptional athletes with unique skill sets that make them nearly impossible to stop when they’re at their best.

But as they continue to compete against each other for supremacy, the age difference will become more and more evident – and it could end up being a decisive factor in who comes out on top in this epic battle between two legends of the game.

Messi Vs Ronaldo Differences in Age


What is the Main Difference between Messi And Ronaldo?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual preferences and opinions. However, some people argue that Messi is a more natural talent with better technique, while Ronaldo has worked hard to improve his skills and physicality. Messi is also said to be more consistent, while Ronaldo is often considered to be the better goalscorer.

Who is Better Ronaldo Or Messi All Time?

There is no easy answer to this question as both Ronaldo and Messi are two of the greatest footballers of all time. However, if we looked at their individual records, then Ronaldo would come out on top. He has played in more games and scored more goals than Messi, and he has also won more trophies.

In terms of individual awards, Ronaldo has won the Ballon d’Or four times, while Messi has only won it three times. However, some people would argue that Messi is a better footballer overall as he is more creative and skilled than Ronaldo.

How Many Goals Did Ronaldo Score at Age 35?

In the 2019/20 season, Ronaldo scored 31 goals in 34 appearances for Juventus. This means that, at the age of 35, he is still one of the most prolific strikers in world football. His tally for Juventus now stands at an impressive 97 goals in 119 games.

Ronaldo’s impressive goal-scoring record is not just limited to his time with Juventus; he has also scored 700+ career goals across spells with Manchester United, Real Madrid and Portugal.

RONALDO AND MESSI Age Comparison 2021

Ronaldo at 34 Vs Messi at 34

In a recent interview, Ronaldo was asked about how he felt about Messi and their respective legacies. He said that he feels like he has accomplished more than Messi, but that ultimately it will be up to the fans to decide who is better. He also said that while he doesn’t think age will be a factor in their performances, he believes that his experience will give him an edge over Messi.

Messi Vs Ronaldo Head-To-Head

We all know that Messi and Ronaldo are two of the greatest footballers of our generation. They have both achieved so much in their careers, and continue to amaze us with their skills on the pitch. But who is the better footballer?

This is a question that has been debated for many years, and there is no clear answer. In this blog post, we will take a look at the head-to-head statistics between Messi and Ronaldo, in an attempt to see who comes out on top. We will consider various categories such as goals scored, assists, trophies won, etc.

So far in their careers, Ronaldo has played 787 games and Messi has played 697 games. In these games, Ronaldo has scored 580 goals and Messi has scored 572 goals. This means that Ronaldo scores 0.73 goals per game on average, while Messi scores 0.82 goals per game on average.

So it would appear that Messi is slightly more prolific in front of goal than Ronaldo. However, when we look at assists, it is Ronaldo who comes out on top here. He has provided 235 assists in his career so far, while Messi has only provided 211 assists.

This means that Ronaldo creates a goal once every 3.4 games on average (0.29 per game), while Messi creates a goal once every 3.3 games on average (0.30 per game). Therefore, although Messi scores more goals than Ronaldo overall, it is actually Ronaldo who create more chances for his team-mates with his passing ability – making him perhaps the more complete footballer of the two players..

When we compare these numbers to other world-class midfielders such as Kevin De Bruyne or Luka Modric , it’s clear just how good of a provider Ronaldo really is.. Not only does he score lots of goals himself but he also creates plenty of opportunities for others too..

Comparing trophies won by each player provides interesting results too.. As you would expect , both players have amassed an impressive collection of silverware over the years.. However , it’s worth noting that most of Ronnie’s success came early in his career at Manchester United , while Leo’s best years have come during his time at Barcelona .. Despite this fact , both players currently sit level with 34 major trophies each ..

Messi Vs Ronaldo All Time Stats

It is safe to say that there are two stars in world football right now, and they are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The two players have been dominating the sport for over a decade now, and their individual records are absolutely staggering. But who is the better player?

This is a debate that has raged on for years, and it is one that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In this blog post, we will take a look at the all-time stats of both Messi and Ronaldo in an attempt to determine who the greater player is. Messi vs Ronaldo All Time Stats:

-Games played: Messi – 754, Ronaldo – 752 -Goals scored: Messi – 614, Ronaldo – 580 -Assists: Messi – 288, Ronaldo – 273

-Champions League titles: Messi – 4, Ronaldo – 5 As you can see from the above stats, both players have been unbelievably consistent throughout their careers. They have both played almost exactly the same number of games, and they have both scored and assisted at a very similar rate.

However, when it comes to winning trophies, Ronaldo just edges ahead with five Champions League titles to his name compared to Messi’s four. So based on these all-time stats, it would appear as though Cristiano Ronaldo is just about the better player than Lionel Messi.

Messi Vs Ronaldo Trophies

In the world of football, there are few rivalries as heated as the one between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The two players have been battling it out for supremacy for years, and their individual trophy cabinets are a testament to their talent and achievements. So, who has more trophies?

Messi or Ronaldo? Well, when it comes to club trophies, there is no clear winner. Both players have amassed an impressive collection of silverware with their respective teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

However, when it comes to individual awards, Messi has the edge over Ronaldo. The Argentine star has won six Ballon d’Or awards (given to the best player in the world), while Ronaldo has won five. Messi also has six Golden Shoe awards (given to the top scorer in Europe), while Ronaldo has four.

In terms of other major individual awards, Messi has three European Golden Boots (awarded to the top scorer in La Liga) while Ronaldo has two. So, while both players have had hugely successful careers, it seems that Lionel Messi currently holds the edge over Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes to personal accolades.

Ronaldo at 35 Vs Messi at 35

Assuming both Ronaldo and Messi are still playing at 35, there would be some interesting comparisons between the two players. Ronaldo would likely be considered the more physical player of the two, while Messi’s game is more about speed and agility. In terms of goal scoring, it’s hard to say who would have the edge.

Ronaldo has always been a prolific scorer, but Messi’s goalscoring abilities seem to be improving with each passing year. If we had to make a guess, we’d say that Ronaldo would probably have scored more goals overall, but Messi would have the better goals-per-game ratio. Another area where these two players differ is in their approach to the game.

Ronaldo is often seen as being more individualistic, while Messi seems to emphasize teamwork and passing. This difference is reflected in their respective records; Ronaldo has won numerous individual awards, while Messi has helped his team to more collective successes. So who would come out on top if these two greats of the game met at 35?

It’s impossible to say for sure, but one thing is certain: it would be an epic battle!

Ronaldo Vs Messi Records

There is no denying that Ronaldo and Messi are two of the greatest footballers of our generation. They have both achieved remarkable things in their careers thus far and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. When it comes to comparing the two players, there are a few key areas where they can be compared.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the key records held by Ronaldo and Messi, to see who comes out on top. Ronaldo currently holds the record for most goals scored in a season in both La Liga and the Champions League. In the 2014/15 season, he netted an incredible 48 goals in just 38 league games for Real Madrid, while also scoring 16 times in 12 Champions League appearances.

This tally saw him beat Lionel Messi’s previous record of 47 goals in a La Liga season. Messi did regain his Champions League scoring record back from Ronaldo the following year, netting an impressive 50 times in just 57 games across all competitions, but Ronaldo still holds bragging rights when it comes to La Liga goal-scoring records. When it comes to all-time club goal-scoring records, again Ronaldo holds the edge over his rival.

The Portuguese star has scored an astonishing 450 goals during his time at Real Madrid, while Messi has ‘just’ 436 goals to his name during his time at Barcelona. However, it should be noted that Ronaldo has played significantly more games than Messi for their respective clubs (441 vs 373), so this is not necessarily a fair comparison. Nonetheless, these numbers highlight just how prolific both players have been throughout their careers thus far.

Finally, let’s take a look at international records held by Ronaldo and Messi. When it comes to senior team caps for Portugal and Argentina respectively, Ronaldo again holds the advantage with 168 appearances compared to Leo’s 138 outings for his country. As far as goal-scoring goes on the international stage however; it is Messi who currently leads way having found the back of net 70 times for Argentina – 8 more than what Ronaldo has managed for Portugal (62).

So while Ronaldo may have more caps and club goals under his belt; when it comes to representing your country at the highest level – Lionel Messi seems to slightly edge ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo based on current records held by each player!

Ronaldo Vs Messi: Who is Best

In the world of football, there are few players who can rival the sheer skill and talent of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. These two megastars have been dominating the sport for over a decade, winning countless trophies and individual awards between them. But who is really the best player in the world?

Is it Messi or Ronaldo? There is no doubt that both players are immensely talented and have had phenomenal careers so far. However, when comparing them side-by-side, there are some clear differences between them.

For starters, Ronaldo is a more physical presence on the pitch and is capable of scoring goals with his head as well as his feet. He’s also a very skilled free-kick taker and has an incredible work ethic – always looking to improve his game. Messi, on the other hand, is perhaps more gifted technically and is often described as a ‘genius’ with the ball at his feet.

He’s also incredibly quick and agile, making him difficult to defend against. So who is the better player? It’s hard to say definitively as both have had such impressive careers thus far.

However, if we look at their individual stats and achievements, it seems as though Ronaldo just edges it in terms of pure numbers. He has scored more goals overall (700+ compared to Messi’s 600+), he has more international goals (102 vs 71) and he has won more major honours (5x Champions League winner vs 4x). So based on these facts alone, it would appear that Ronaldo is indeed the better player – although only just!

Messi Goals at Age 22

In 2012, Messi scored a total of 91 goals in all competitions, becoming the first player to score more than 90 goals in a calendar year. He also became the youngest player to score 200 La Liga goals. In 2013, he was the runner up for the FIFA Ballon d’Or and was named as one of the FIFPro World XI.


In conclusion, the blog post discusses the differences in age between Messi and Ronaldo. The author argues that while Ronaldo is older, Messi is more experienced. However, both players are considered to be at the top of their game.

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