Performance Testing at Scale

LoadStorm is a load testing tool that provides performance metrics for large volumes of traffic. Checkout out our getting started guide or request a free demo. Test up to 1,000,000 concurrent users in realistic scenarios such as login, search, checkout, and more.

The Power of an Elastic Cloud Infrastructure

  • Proven – loved by thousands of web developers; review our testimonials.
  • Scalable – run tests up to 1,000,000 concurrent VUsers.
  • Realistic – create test scripts to browse, login, or purchase products.
  • Visual – real time graphs with performance metrics (e.g average response time, error rates).
  • Easy – no software download, no hardware to buy, no license fee, no scripting language.
  • Guaranteed – you will be satisfied or your money back.
  • Flexible – pay per test and/or consulting services

Interactive Test Analysis with Filtering Options

Real-time graphs allow you to see how your application is performing during a test with performance measurements such as response times, requests per second, traffic throughput, and the percentage of errors occurring. Every request is tracked and every response is measured accurately to allow you to spot performance problems when they happen. Other reports show you a breakdown of response times, errors, pages, transactions, and a sample of requests by time. Share your interactive test results with colleagues, clients, or consultants by using the public test URL like this (!test/513469). We even provide the option to export the raw results as a CSV file that you can really dig into for your own custom reports.
performance testing metrics at scale