Load testing tool clients

Build Scripts

Define VUser behavior with greater control. Weight different scripts in a plan for more realistic traffic to specific visitor patterns.

Run Load Tests

Select a plan and schedule a load test in the future or in minutes with our ASAP option. VUsers can be scaled up linearly or in a step-up pattern.

Analyze Results

Results begin to populate graphs during the test. Within moments of test completion a full analysis page will become available with a summary table, graphs, links to important request queries, and a downloadable CSV with all of the test data.


How It Works

Create a plan to house your scenario(s) which contain the step-by-step instructions for your VUsers. Schedule a load test and we fire up the appropriate number of test engines to simulate your traffic from Amazon cloud servers. Many VUsers will begin to storm your site and collect data about the test. The collected data will be funneled back to your account for analysis.


Free Load Testing Guide

Help prepare your site for the storm by downloading our free guide. It defines what load testing is, why it is important, and how to get started.


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