Benefits of a Load Testing Tool


No Scripting


Load Generation
from the Cloud

Scalable to
150,000 VUsers

Distribution of Load


Simulate User Behavior

Create realistic user behavior in your load tests

Create a recording or scenario that follows the type of user behavior you would like to mimic during a load test. For example:

  • Browsing through pages on the target site
  • Choosing products for a shopping cart and then abandoning it
  • Making purchases through a checkout process

There is no limit to the number of behaviors you can emulate, but try to use analytical tools to assist you in deciding the most relevant behaviors that are seen in your web application.

You can use CSV data to have VUsers log in as different accounts, perform various keyword searches, or browse different pages using a list of paths.

Enterprise level tools such as LoadStorm PRO offer a great amount of control over the user behavior. They can even debug your site using a validation tool! The number of requests and pages are also captured to give you a good idea of the load that will be generated per VUser.

No Scripting Language to Learn, So You Can Test Faster

no scripting language to learn, so you can test faster

Creating a recording is easier than you might think. All you need is a modern browser.

You can easily record your session using your browser’s built-in developer tools. The session is saved as a file which can then be uploaded to LoadStorm PRO. It reads that file and creates a script which you can further edit right in the LoadStorm app.

You can get as creative as you need for the testing requirements. Such as testing a bunch of unique logins from a User Data CSV.

Let’s say you have a bunch of test usernames and password. Just put that information in a CSV file, then upload it to LoadStorm. Then you can use this data in a script to log in as many unique users during a test run. Typically the behavior will be the following:

VUser #1 will login as username #1, VUser #2 will log in as username #2, and so forth.

Get the Correct Mix of Load Test Requests

allocate percentages of VUsers going through scenarios so you get the correct mix of hits in your load tests

Allocating more traffic to some scripts over others will improve the accuracy of your performance metrics.

For example, a typical e-commerce site may have these three scripts:

  1. Shoppers who browse a product catalog anonymously, but leave after 10 page hits
  2. Shoppers who put two items in their shopping cart and abandon it
  3. Shoppers who complete checkout with a credit card transaction

Do you want 33% of your load test traffic for each type of user?  Probably not!

LoadStorm allows you to allocate the correct percentages for each script such as:

  • 5% buyers
  • 20% abandoners
  • 75% window shoppers (browse products)

Simply assign a weighting to each script, and LoadStorm will distribute VUsers appropriately.

Cloud Load Testing is Better

allocate percentages of VUsers going through scenarios so you get the correct mix of hits in your load tests

Let our load testing tool remove the hassle for you.

  • Running a cloud load test is effortless because there is nothing to install
  • Our online service is simple because there is no hardware to buy, manage or configure
  • Pay-per-test is simpler because there are no contracts
  • Risk is eliminated because you get a free account to prove it works for your requirements
  • Efficiency is easier because set up and tear down of global simulation servers is automated
  • SaaS model is painless because there are no license fees
  • On demand testing is faster because your time is valuable
  • Experienced technical support and consultants are available to assist
  • Cloud architecture is elastic allowing for small tests, or up to 150,000 concurrent VUsers

Ramp Up Your Load Tests to 150,000 VUsers

load testing with massively scalable tool using the cloud

Is your team Agile? Excellent.

LoadStorm lets you start with free VUsers to make sure our solution fits your needs:

  • LoadStorm PRO comes with 50 VUsers total to be used how you like.

Iteratively run tests, checking the results data, making performance optimizations to your application, and repeating as needed.

As your application becomes higher performance, you can easily run the same load test scenarios with more VUsers.

It’s exciting to get an email from a customer asking to run a 100k user load test. We’ve done that. In fact, we have run tests up to 150k users successfully.

We frequently hear from our clients that tell us they love how easy it is to run huge traffic against their site…for a fraction of the cost of the other tools.

It was a sad day when we had to turn down that project wanting 20 million users. Yeah, we are working on it. Stay tuned.

Get Load Testing Traffic from Around the World

load testing from different geographic regions using the cloud

LoadStorm uses the Amazon EC2 cloud which has data centers in:

  • Virginia
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Sao Paulo
  • Frankfurt

Based on the size of the test LoadStorm will generate traffic from a variety of these locations by default.

In LoadStorm PRO, you can control which locations you would like your traffic to come from.

Analyzing Results is Easier with Better Reporting

load testing graphs show performance metrics

LoadStorm reports on several key metrics:

  • Concurrent Users
  • Total Requests
  • Total Errors
  • Average and Peak Response Times
  • Average and Peak Requests per Second
  • Average and Peak Throughput
  • Total Data Transferred

Enterprise level tools such as LoadStorm PRO have the ability to filter for data specific to particular scripts, servers, or types of requests. It also offers some additional charts for Error reporting, Pages, and Transactions while allowing you to save or print any chart as an image. You can download the raw results CSV and drill down into the details on a request-by-request basis as well as download a PDF report, and you can even share the test results via a hyperlink like this:!test/513469 (click the link to view real results in PRO)