Stress Testing Drupal Commerce

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andy Kucharski for several years on various performance testing projects. He’s recognized as one of the top Drupal performance experts in the world. He is the Founder of Promet Source and is a frequent speaker at conferences, as well as a great client of LoadStorm. As an example of his speaking prowess, he gave the following presentation at Drupal Mid Camp in Chicago 2014. Promet Source is a Drupal web application and website development company that offers expert services and support. They specialize in building and performance tuning complex Drupal web applications. Andy’s […]

Performance Testing Insights: Part I

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Performance Testing can be viewed as the systematic process of collecting and monitoring the results of system usage, then analyzing them to aid system improvement towards desired results. As part of the performance testing process, the tester needs to gather statistical information, examine server logs and system state histories, determine the system’s performance under natural and artificial conditions and alter system modes of operation. Performance testing complements functional testing. Functional testing can validate proper functionality under correct usage and proper error handling under incorrect usage. It cannot, however, tell how much load an application can handle before it breaks or […]

Infographic: Web Performance Impacts Conversion Rates

There are many companies that design or re-design websites with the goal of increasing conversion rates. What do we mean by conversion rates? SiteTuners defines Conversion Rate as: “The percentage of landing page visitors who take the desired conversion action.” Included in this list are completing a purchase, filling out an information form, or donating to the cause. Almost all companies focus on the design, look, and layout of a website when attempting to increase conversion rates. However, we at LoadStorm want to draw more attention to the role that web performance plays in conversions. Many studies have conclusively shown […]

Web Performance News for the Week of March 24, 2014


A Look Back at The period of time during which individuals are able to take part in the open enrollment end March 31, 2014. The amount of publicity received in October last year drew in numerous discussions. The situation has settled down and now we can look back with a clearer picture. Complex System was more than just a website. It’s a front-end for an entire set of systems interconnected to exchange data. The system has to make requests to a handful of other agencies checking for citizenship, financial eligibility, IRS, Homeland Security, SSA, etc. Because of […]

Web Performance News for the Week of March 17, 2014


Does Adblock improve your load time? An essential rule is to have ad banners displayed after the main content is displayed. In terms of perception, users wont notice the banner until they find the content they’re looking for on the page. While your web page will most likely download less data, your perception of speed isn’t likely to fluctuate drastically due to the adblock extension. Perhaps testing this would be an interesting experiment! How does adblock work? Adblock takes the div of the ad and gives it a height of 0. You can test this by putting a mini ad […]

E-Commerce Benchmark – Drupal Commerce


  This post is part of a series: First – Previous Introduction Drupal Commerce is the last stop on our tour of e-commerce platforms. Drupal is a free content management system, and Drupal Commerce is an extension that allows you to build a web store with Drupal. This setup is similar to WooCommerce and Virtuemart, which both rely on their own content management systems. If you missed our previous posts, we are load testing six different e-commerce platforms and scoring them based on web performance. We continue our e-commerce benchmarking series by giving you a glimpse of out-of-the-box Drupal Commerce […]

Performance Tuning : 7 Ways to Spring Clean your Website

Spring is here! Historically, this time of the year is representative of growth and renewal. It’s the perfect time for cleaning up your house, your yard, and your website. Keeping a modern website running smoothly can be time consuming and resource intensive. Modernizing your website may never become effortless, but this process can definitely become more manageable, maybe even enjoyable. This list provides an overview of quick and easy to apply tricks – including information on image optimization, general code cleanup , and using Gzip – to zip through clean up and arrive at a happy site. Before you start,choose […]

Web Performance News for the Week of March 10, 2014

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Brief History: How IE 6 Ruined Internet Explorer’s Reputation In the early 2000s, IE 6 was the dominant web browsers that reigned supreme due to the lack of competition. This gave them the power to set the standard. Unfortunately, the standard was set all the way down to Satan’s feet. Because there wasn’t any competition at the time, the standard didn’t matter. Web developers had to make their websites compatible with IE. It was never the other way around. The lack of debugging tools, performance optimizations, and upgrades were little to none. IE 6 was released in 2000. For five […]

E-Commerce Benchmark – OpenCart


  This post is part of a series: First – Previous – Next Introduction OpenCart is yet another free, open source e-commerce solution for the typical user. When you search for “OpenCart” on Google, you will be surprised by what comes up. The first result is under the domain, which is not the one we will test because it is proprietary. The correct OpenCart is the second entry: If you missed our previous posts, we are scoring six different e-commerce platforms based on web performance. We continue our e-commerce benchmarking series by giving you a glimpse of OpenCart […]

Performance Testing Interview with Phillip Odom

Phillip Odom’s background is in Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering. Phillip grew up in Nashville, TN in the late 1970’s and 1980’s with access to “home computers” like the Tandy TRS-80, the Commodore 64, the Apple II, the Amiga, etc. So his childhood was spent making these quirky and somewhat crude machines do things, sometimes anything. When and why did you get into this industry? Professionally I have been working in technology for almost 20 years. I spent the first ten years working in the hardware and IT services sectors (Integration/Product Development/R&D) almost exclusively focused on the healthcare vertical. In 2004 I […]