Cyber Monday Performance Evaluations


From Amazon to Argos, online retailers are experiencing more traffic than ever this holiday season. This Cyber Monday reached a record high of $2.68 billion! Competition is fierce, and in this game, seconds = $$$. This year, we selected 29 major e-commerce sites and used LoadStorm to run several tests to compare their performance on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving with Cyber Monday. We created scripts for each site to model typical e-commerce user activity. Each script would hit the homepage, search for a product, add a product to the cart, and then visit the cart. Then we ran our performance […]

The Best and Worst of Cyber Monday Web Performance


Introduction: How the big brand name e-commerce sites handle the heavy traffic on Cyber Monday is always of great interest to our team and our readers. So this year, we decided to run a short experiment on some of the top companies to bring you the best and the worst performers this Cyber Monday. The 28 companies we chose to test included companies who had painful Cyber Monday crashes in previous years, companies who were running fantastic online deals, and companies that are known to have huge volumes of online holiday shopping traffic. Experiment: We ran WebPageTest, an open source […]

Tips and Tricks to Troubleshooting PRO Scripts


Overview When a recording is first uploaded, it behaves the same as when it was recorded; That is, it makes all the same requests, with no differentiating qualities. Until you parameterize it, our application will simply repeat all of the GETs, POSTs, and occasional PUT requests the same way they were recorded, but we handle a few things automatically such as cookies and most form tokens. Often new scripts can have a bundle of requests and only a few of which that need parameterization to work as expected for every VUser that makes that request. These problems are often found […]

6 Facts About Cyber Monday Every E-Commerce Business Should Know

Cyber Monday Crashed Websites

1. Cyber Monday is Growing Adobe reported that Cyber Monday e-commerce sales in 2013 reached $2.29 billion – a staggering 16% increase over 2012. comScore reported that desktop sales on Cyber Monday 2013 totaled over $1.73 billion, making it the heaviest US online spending day in history. With these kinds of numbers, only time will tell how long Cyber Monday will continue to grow. But one thing is certain, Cyber Monday is the single most important day of the year for e-commerce businesses. 2. Mobile Shopping is Growing Sites only designed for desktops are missing out on a huge chunk […]

Cyber Monday and the Impact of Web Performance

Cyber Monday and Impact of Web Perf

Cyber Monday is a pretty big deal for online retailers. In fact, the previous statement is much too modest. Cyber Monday is the biggest day of the year for ecommerce in the United States and beyond. As the statistics show, Cyber Monday has become a billion dollar juggernaut since 2010 – and it has only continued to grow. Last year alone, Cyber Monday was responsible for over $1.7 billion spent by online consumers in the US, a shocking 18% jump from the year before! Since its inception in 2005, the Monday after Thanksgiving has become a potential goldmine for those […]

LoadStorm PRO Now with Transaction Response Timing – What does this mean for you?

Phillips Blog Featured Image

Today, LoadStorm published a press release announcing our new Transaction Response Timing. For many professional performance testers, especially those used to products like HP Loadrunner or SOASTA CloudTest, wrapping timings around logical business processes and related transactions, is a familiar concept. For those of you that aren’t familiar, I’ll explain. What is Transaction Response Time? Transaction Response Time represents the time taken for the application to complete a defined transaction or business process. Why is it important to measure Transaction Response Time? The objective of a performance test is to ensure that the application is working optimally under load. However, […]

E-Commerce Benchmark – Magento Scalability Results


The Web Performance Lab has been working hard to improve our testing and scoring methodology, and the new benchmark for Magento is here! We had high expectations for Magento because it is such a favorite among web developers globally. Unfortunately, the testing shows that the scalability of an out-of-the-box implementation of Magento was disappointing. Our target objectives for scalability and web performance were not achieved by the load tests, and we saw slower response and more errors at a lower volume than we hoped. Experiment Methodology Our Magento e-commerce platform has been installed on an Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute m3.Large […]

E-Commerce Benchmark – WooCommerce Results


The new e-commerce experiments are here! The goal of these experiments is to expose how well these e-commerce platforms perform in their most basic setup when running on an Amazon m3.large server. To test the scalability of each platform, we will run three hour-long tests to ensure reproducible results. This time around we are utilizing quick, preliminary testing to establish a rough baseline for the amount of users each platform can handle. In addition, the Web Performance Lab has modified the criteria that will be used to determine performance failure. WooCommerce Experiment Methodology The first platform we will be re-working […]

Editorial on End of Net Neutrality


The FCC Proposes to End Net Neutrality This week’s web performance news hits close to home for performance engineers. The concept of “the end of net neutrality” leaked a couple weeks ago and the public response was very strong. Learn more about what net neutrality means to you from our blog post last week. Last Thursday (5/15) the FCC voted on a proposal that will allow internet “fast lanes” for companies willing and able to pay for them. The proposal was accepted by a 3-2 majority vote. The vote was divided down party lines with the 3 democratic commissioners voting […]

The End of Net Neutrality?

the end of net neutrality and what it means to you

This idea of “Net Neutrality” has been all over the news lately. In fact, just a quick google search will turn up numerous articles published in all the top news sources including Washington Post, the NewYorker, Fox News, Huffington Post and NBC News. And after doing some research, its very clear why net neutrality is on the forefront of so many articles- the new rules proposed by the FCC “may be the end of the Internet as we know it” (Gerry Smith, Huffington Post). What is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality is the concept that Internet service providers (ISP’s) should allow […]

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