LoadStorm is a performance test tool that applies heavy loads of HTTP traffic. We provide web developers clear measurements regarding their applications such as Average Response Time, Requests per Second, Throughput, and Error Rates.

Hit your site with up to 1,000,000 concurrent users that take realistic actions such as login, search, checkout, and more.

Why has LoadStorm become the new leader in on-demand load testing?

  • It solves the problems with cost – everybody can afford it.
  • It saves time – simple to build test scenarios without scripting.
  • It eliminates hassle – no download, no install, no hardware needed.
  • It delivers key performance metrics – see them in real-time graphs.
  • It makes web developers happy – testimonials continue to pour in from customers.
  • It is guaranteed.

performance testing load volumeGraphs like this one show you quickly how your load testing is ramping up virtual users. You can see how many requests per second are being generated in relation to the kilobytes per second of throughput moving between the browsers and your servers.

Our performance testing tool is built on the Amazon EC2 cloud computing infrastructure, so we have the horsepower to deliver your largest load tests. We offer 50 VUsers for free, and several plans that allow you to pay-as-you-go. You can even request a custom plan to better suit your testing needs.

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Shouldn’t you improve the performance of your web application? The performance of your website is critical to your revenue, and web performance tuning can increase your profit by 10%. Performance testing…your profit depends on it.