Career Opportunities

Albuquerque, NM

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The Company

CustomerCentrix is a small but rapidly growing company that wants to make our business a great place to work for all employees. We are enthusiastic about learning new technologies and building high quality software. Our passion is developing SaaS products that are both dynamic and scalable.

The Culture

We eat out (sometimes order in) usually a few times a month. We have small teams of 4-5 developers collaborating together.

Our Technology

LoadStorm and our other products leverage cloud computing services from Amazon such as EC2, and S3. Our products are all built using various Java technologies. Our web server of choice is Tomcat. Our data gets stored into MySQL and Redis (No-SQL) databases. We do our development on OS X boxes using Eclipse for our IDE. We use the sort of tools that you’d expect – Ant, JUnit, Jenkins, VirtualBox and Git for our VCS. Our production systems run in the cloud on Linux instances in Amazon Web Services.