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LoadStorm® is the creation of a web development team officially incorporated as CustomerCentrix. LoadStorm® is the creation of a web development team officially incorporated as CustomerCentrix. When Scott Price and Roger Campbell founded CustomerCentrix in 1997, their primary objective was to build a business that would focus on making their customers successful. Hence the name: Customer – centered. Too many times they had witnessed the corporate mentality of sacrificing customer service for quarterly profit margin. Not here; not at CustomerCentrix and not for LoadStorm customers!

CustomerCentrix is a web application development company specializing in SaaS products since 1999. LoadStorm is our newest product offering.


Our company was founded on the principle that we must focus on our customer’s business needs. With us, customer satisfaction is a passion. We believe this commitment to our customers will ultimately be our greatest asset and most significant contributor to our long-term success.

“Put our customers at the center of business decisions.”

Founders of CustomerCentrix

How Did We Get Into Load Testing?

Roger and Scott met in Denver while working at EDS on a large Medicaid implementation project. Both wanted to start a software company and solve the world’s problems. And here they are, 22 years later, solving the problems of web application developers around the world.

They created LoadStorm in response to their own need for web application load testing tools.

The problem of “meltdown” has occurred to CustomerCentrix applications when sudden large increases in the user base overwhelmed the system’s ability to respond. And the clients were the ones discovering the load limit. That’s a problem. That’s why they studied stress testing and load testing.

Roger and Scott concluded that they needed a good load testing tool, but buying the traditional tools were expensive. And buying enough server capacity to simulate tens of thousands of users was out of the budget.

LoadStorm was born from the desire for reliable software and the need for cost-effectiveness. CustomerCentrix is committed to continuing to deliver world-class software in a SaaS model. We look forward to helping you with your testing needs.

Meet the Team

Roger Campbell

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Price

Head of Sales, Marketing, and Support

Michael Dunagan – Tech Support Engineer and Website Manager

Dan Green – Software Engineering Intern

Sean Brown – Software Engineer

Sonny Trujillo – Software Engineering Intern

Rachelle Luna – Accountant