You Can Trust LoadStorm

Because our clients say you can!  It’s a fact.  It’s proven.  Here is what they say about us:


“Thank you. Rest assured your product is great and was very helpful to my team.” – Kimberly Hatch, Sr. Director, CA Technologies

“We needed an easy and cost effective way to load test our Windows Azure solution to find the right number of instances. Thanks to LoadStorm we had our answers in hours. Highly recommended!” – Jonas Stawski, Microsoft MVP

“The LoadStorm team delivers superior service with a cost-effective product and responsive, professional support. This is a must-have tool for any website smart enough to be proactive about traffic. We look forward to continuing our relationship with LoadStorm for a long time.” – Teri Freeman, CEO,

LoadStorm is a great and simple solution for my company as a tool for me to test the load ability of my client’s new website, especially if it is to replace existing busy websites. The last thing I need is for their site to be overwhelmed on the first day of launch. The system is easy for developers like us to setup the load test plan – it is almost idiot proof.” – Daniel Tang Chee Weng, Senior IT Consultant, BeyondEdge

load testing happy customer
“I used my free Breeze account to learn the tool, setup my initial test scenarios, and run some tests prior to getting a paid subscription. There was no risk because I knew what the tool would provide before spending a dime. The construct of the test cases was intuitive and made the tasks easy. By using your tool, I encountered what turned out to be a development-related problem on our app. I was able to pinpoint the errors and improve performance before the issues impacted our clients. LoadStorm is a great tool and I will make sure to recommend your service to any of my clients that have such a need as well as to my network of contacts.” – Richard Ertman, QA/Release Manager, PETA Foundation IT Dept.

Thanks very much for the great load testing tool! You guys just made me a very happy person, as I’ve successfully shown that our web application can handle hundreds of users concurrently hitting our marketing page and order checkout pages. The interface was so simple to use – every time I began wondering if a certain feature existed, I found that the on-screen help text had already anticipated the question, answered it for me, and the answer was ‘Yes!’ I’ve been delightfully impressed with LoadStorm’s application, and even more so with their personalized support.” – Craig Leinoff, Director of Digital Operations and IT, Ferrazzi Greenlight

“We used LoadStorm to simulate thousands of voters logging in and submitting ballots on our online voting system. It was surprisingly easy to set up and the excellent test reports helped us identify bottlenecks. Thanks to LoadStorm we can now host very large elections with confidence. I’d definitely recommend this service to my peers!” – Brian Lack, Owner, Simply Voting

“Thank you very much for the wonderful customer service experience. What LoadStorm offers to start up and small businesses is amazing. You have given us the ability to build scalability plans with verifiable evidence to provide to large customers and potential partners. Without the on demand pricing, this would be virtually impossible to accomplish on a modest or venture funded budget. I love the ease of use.” – Mike Tyszkiewicz, CTO, Qvinci

LoadStorm is a great tool. It gives us peace of mind before the big event. I’ll definitely sleep better tonight. We used to guess our limits. Now we know. I love LoadStorm and so do our clients.” – Nate Haug, Senior Architect, Lullabot

“I very much like your service, easy to use and very effective. I will surely reuse your service with other customers!” – Charles Demers-Tremblay, VP of Technology, Les Technologies Wolf Inc.

“At these costs, we can now include load testing as an integrated step in our software development life cycle. LoadStorm makes sense over the other tools we considered.” – Gary Morris, Senior Vice President Technical Operations, Govolution

Amazing load testing tool!” – Swen Mager, Project Manager, LBi Germany AG

“LoadStorm was a fast, easy, thorough, and cost-effective way for Silicon Alley Insider to load test a major relaunch. Load-testing in the cloud was a great solution and LoadStorm a dream partner. ” – Julie Hansen, COO, Publisher, The Business Insider

LoadStorm is a great product at a great price with fantastic support. Setup time is minimal and the learning curve is low which was essential for us. I couldn’t be happier with LoadStorm! Thanks again for your excellent support and product.” – Nate Woolls, Director of Software Technology, InstallerNet, Inc.

“LoadStorm is great tool and very useful for simulating real load on a website.” – Olha Savchyn, QMO Competence Manager, SoftServe Inc.

“Using Load Storm has been a really good experience and a valuable tool to help me better assess the performance and operations of some of the API services they are designing for their project. Again, thank you for your great customer service! It has been a great experience using your services and tools.” – Amar Kamadoli, Web Developer, Bissell

“Thank you very much. You’ve got a great service here!” – Paul Ferlita, Technology Manager, Climate Central

“I was absolutely astounded at the amount and quality of the content related to APM on your blog and have kept very busy keeping up with it. Amazing!” – Anthony Cairo, Performance Engineering,

“This one’s staying in our toolkit! LoadStorm is great – helpful analytics and awesome support.” – Michael Schwengel, Principal, BestHive

“I deeply resent every second of my life I waste by thinking about load testing. All I ask is that our site be tested with a lot of traffic and without a bunch of BS for me to deal with. Thanks to LoadStorm, I need never again lose another moment to this insufferably tedious aspect of my job. I can feel the rage melting away.” – Shawn Miller, Web Developer,

“Thanks for your help and quick response. Your website LoadStorm is a very useful tool that’s helping me to improve my system.” Alan Cheung, Manager – Technical Services, Dow Jones Publishing Company

LoadStorm helped us burn rubber from the day we bought it, with easy set-up and lightning fast support to keep our show on the road.” – Martin Cunnington, QA Lead, Blast Radius, Michelin testing team.

“You are providing a tremendous load testing service – thanks!” – Christian Wayg, Testing Professional

“Thanks very much for the great load testing tool!” – Craig Leinoff, Director of Digital Operations, Ferrazzi Greenlight

“Thanks again for jumping on this so quickly and making sure we were ready for our SharkTank debut. Your services really helped us feel at ease with our new server and site holding up! Awesome service!!” – Jeff Stafford, CEO,

“Great product!” – Ben Tallman, VP of Technology, WaveQ

“Thanks and I have to tell you that I am impressed with the software and your responsiveness . And you are right, the price is reasonable. It has been a pleasure to work with LoadStorm. We are excited about the product.” – Mike Compton, V.P. of Information Technology, National Auto Research/Black Book, a division of Hearst Business Media

“Load testing our web application from the cloud with LoadStorm is easy, fast and cost-effective from day one. We’ve had great support from LoadStorm and we will definitely choose the test suite for future releases. Again, thank you so much for all your support. It’s a real pleasure doing business with you!” – Karin Andersson, Technical Tester at Netlight Consulting

“We just finished renewing our LoadStorm subscription for a 2nd year here at CareTech Solutions. We couldn’t be happier with your product, as it has helped our company create better performing websites and deliver a quality product to all of our clients around the country. Thanks again and we look forward to future improvements!” – Eric Natzke, QA Software Analyst

LoadStorm is a great tool.” – Kruno Zamudić, System Administrator

“LoadStorm was very useful and we got a massive cloud load test up and running without any hassle. We had a blast, literally.” Tomas Janovsky, CTO,

I only complement when well deserved and this is the case here. This is perfect! Thank you very much.” – Virgil Olteanu, Web Architect, Studiocom

“I just wanted to thank you for your amazing service. I can’t thank you enough.” – Barry Bentley, Testing Professional.

The best part about LoadStorm is the people behind the product. It’s so refreshing to find LoadStorm is not another faceless, fly-by-night Internet application. Not only did the product work as advertised, but the personal contact and service with the actual application leads has been unprecedented. It makes you believe in the Internet again. Thanks again for a great product. ” – Drew Clark, Information Services Specialist, Ohio School Boards Association

What a killer utility …I think our server buckled pretty hard. I’m totally impressed. LoadStorm is a freakin’ cool product! ” – Owen Chastain, Executive, Chastain Technology, LLC

“Thanks for providing your service at the cost and service you do. We’re very happy customers.” – Stig Fjeldheim, Web Developer, Alenio

Excellent product – quick and easy to set up, great analytics tools, and affordable.” – Mislav Kos, Application Developer, Soliant Consulting

I am definitely a fan of LoadStorm. I like its ease-of-use and the way in which the solution scales.” – Darin Creason, Sr. Software Engineer, TransCore Corp

“Loadstorm has been an invaluable resource for us to help stress test our infrastructure and plan for the incredibly spiky and erratic traffic that is subject to. The tool itself presents all the necessary information to trigger and analyze load problems, but more than that, the responsiveness and helpfulness we’ve had from the LoadStorm support staff has been well above par and makes the overall offering tough to beat. Highly recommended.” -Glen Coates, QA Director,

“Thanks for the quick reply. Great tool you guys developed, congratulations! I only complement when well deserved and this is the case here. This is perfect! Thank you very much. You guys continue to amaze me with the quality of the support you offer. Whether I spend $50 or $500 – or even nothing – you are always ready to help… and help a lot.” – Virgil Olteanu, Web Architect, Studiocom

Thanks for a great tool! Knowing how many concurrent users it takes to break a website is absolutely essential. Especially in the apparel industry, where traffic peaks during sales are absolutely massive! In LoadStorm we found the perfect tool to measure where that breaking point is so we can scale our marketing efforts. And we use it to evaluate site improvements on a regular basis to see if we get a performance gain or a performance loss when adding new functionality”. – Soeren Sprogoe, B2C e-Commerce Consultant at

LoadStorm, you guys rock. Thanks for all the feedback, will definitely use you again for future tests.” – Justin Milner-Walker, IT Manager, AIS London

“I tried LoadStorm for stress testing a website and I was very surprised and pleased with the tool! The test creation is so easy! Thanks for this great tool.” – Alexandre Cognard, Principal,

“I would like to say thank you to you and your team for the excellent support you have been giving our testing team. We can only wish that more of our vendors would be so responsive and accommodating as LoadStorm.” – Miguel Picornell, VP Operations, Optaros, Inc.

“Thanks Scott! It’s been a pleasure to be your customer for all this years.” – Jose Marquez, VP Technology, Aklara

“Thanks for the help and the great customer service!” – Andrew Glenn, CTO, Group Commerce Inc.

“At LiteBreeze we are recommending LoadStorm to our clients for their load testing needs. LS is affordable, effective and very easy to use. We also really like the fact that we can scale up at any time.” – David Claesson, Director, LiteBreeze Infotech Ltd

LoadStorm is an extremely easy-to-use load testing tool. I used my free Breeze account to learn the tool, setup my initial test scenarios, and run some tests prior to getting a paid subscription. There was no risk because I knew what the tool would provide before spending a dime. Additionally, the customer service was excellent. I encountered what turned out to be a user-related problem on a Saturday, and when I emailed their support team, someone immediately replied and even followed up with a phone call. My issue was resolved the same day and I was able to continue with my weekend load testing.” – John McNair, Partner, Equinox Software Solutions

“Many thanks to Scott and the LoadStorm team for building an A-Mazing product/service for load testing. The support is excellent! The price is right. I called up Scott the second day I was using LoadStorm and he gave me personal attention to answer all my newbie questions about LoadStorm. Few days later, some of my test data was not showing up, Scott’s team resolved the problem the same day for us and even credit us with extra Users! LoadStorm tool has allowed us to build much more confidence in our web system. Everyone, should be on LoadStorm!” – Truong-An Thai, Lead Software Developer,, Austin TX

Your team has built a fantastic tool! I’m floored that I never heard of it before. I wanted to personally thank you and your team for developing such an amazing service. After just one day of using LoadStorm I was able to find bottlenecks in our site that hadn’t been exposed through months of unit testing and development. Your tool is invaluable to anyone wanting to take an app to the masses and is the first I’ve tried that simulates real world scenarios on a shoestring budget. Because of LoadStorm, I’m now confident that our site won’t fold at the slightest wave of traffic. Thank you.” – Xavier Vargas, Director,

“Keep up the good work. Excellent tool. Look forward to using it going forward.” – Ryan Faught, CEO, Casey’s Toy World

“You guys are the best. Great customer service.” – Melinda Keedy, Windstream Communications

“Thank you, it really has been helpful to find our performance issues. LoadStorm has been instrumental in helping us figure out where in the process our bidding system slows down at the end of our auctions. I can see the power of the system you have built.” – Clay Pereira, Web Developer,

“My experience with your product has been nothing but excellent – it’s really easy to use, and ‘it just works’! I am looking forward to continued use of your service – it will really help us as we scale up to bigger customers. We are very happy with LoadStorm and will recommend it to other web companies in Seattle.” – Bilal Aslam, VP of Engineering, emptyspaceads

“We had a last minute need to provide load testing data for one of our new products. With LoadStorm I was able to go from zero to load test engineer in about one hour. LoadStorm’s support was great as I worked through the small learning curve. We were able to meet our requirements for the project and now have very useful in-house testing capabilities for load and regression testing for future projects.” – Kevin Baker, Sr. Software Engineer, Sorenson Media

“We were recommended LoadStorm and have been delighted ever since. We have been able to ascertain areas of improvement with our software, not only quickly but without the significant investment that normally comes with load testing. The support that is provided is outstanding, and every query we’ve had has been dealt with efficiently. Many thanks!” – James Dickinson, Software QA Manager, Talent Q

“You, Scott and the rest of your team have been a great help throughout this whole process. In turn, I will make sure to recommend your service to any of my clients that have such a need as well as to my network of contacts.” – Mark Krasnohorsky, Owner, K&K Technologies

“Thank you for having a great online product.” – Darius Upshaw, Web Architect

“Good job guys! You have created a very useful tool that I will definitely be using from now on to do my stress testing.” – Bernardo Carillo, Web Developer,

Great service , it has helped us tremendously with finding and fixing the performance bottle necks in the web application we are currently developing. Overall, it is a great tool and we will be using it for more projects in the future.” – Pete Baines, Software Engineer, Kinspeed Limited

“Thank you very much for the great customer service.” – Shelly Ramey, Distributech

“LoadStorm was exactly what we needed – an easy-to-learn, affordable way to stress-test critical workflows in our web application. The dataset generation tools and a-la-carte scaling of test sizes have been particularly useful.” – Zeph Harben, VP of IT,

“As Webzzle traffic increases, we need to constantly improve performance to manage user’s expectations. After each release, we proceed a test of the service at a massive scale. LoadStorm has solved a problem for us because we needed an inexpensive way to test the performance of our web application. We wanted to test 10,000 concurrent users on Webzzle, but the challenges of hardware and software installation/configuration prevented us from implementing an open source solution. We needed a tool that was quick, easy, and fit in our budget . LoadStorm provided that answer. I recommend their load testing tool to anyone. ” – Xavier Vaucois, CEO of Webzzle

load testing rainbow after storm

“When I was introduced to LoadStorm’s service I was amazed at the ease with which I could set up a load test that didn’t “simulate” load but actually generated traffic against my web server in a real world worst/best case scenario. The free level of testing is useful enough but the cost of the Tornado was just too good to pass up. Cost benefit is getting a month of service that costs less than what your developer or engineer costs by the hour. ” – Russ Thomas, DBA, ESD112, Vancouver WA

Very cool service! In a few minutes, you can point and click to set up a script to load test your web site (including, of course, XAF sites). When the test runs, you see a real-time graph of the results. I was able to see the average and worst-case response time for my site as the number of users grew. I was able to see the exact number of users which causes the processor to peg at 100% and the server to return errors for new requests. VERY cool. ” – Adam Leffert, Web Developer

“With its very low cost and ease of use, LoadStorm is creating a new possibility for load testing: test early and continue to test often. We see this as an important new paradigm for companies deploying high-traffic Web-based applications.” – Pete Dignan, President, ProtoTest

“LoadStorm has a reasonably friendly front-end for setting up your servers and tests, but where it really shines is in the analysis – manager-friendly charts and graphs to make the testing results palatable to the people who really need to understand them. Their team is extremely attentive and helpful, and I would highly recommend them to anyone curious about the outer bounds of their system’s capabilities.” – Kirsten Jones, Web Developer

“The testing tool is extremely easy to use and LoadStorm engineers are continuously looking for good ideas to improve their system. They also are trying very hard to support you and provide you with a good solution for load testing.” – Dr. Muhlin Chen, Managing Director, i2rd

“Many thanks for this fantastic piece of software! I am very excited…” – Hariharan Shanmugam, Test Manager, CheapFlights

“I just signed up a few hours ago and I must say this is a very handy app! I think you guys did a good job in simplifying this part of Web app development.” – James Tadeo, CEO

I’m really impressed with the simplicity of your UI, and your SaaS approach.” – Oliver Jones, Director of Development, Curaspan Health Group

“Your product is awesome! Thanks for your help! Setting up a LoadStorm stress test against my app was easy and fast. In a very short amount of time, I was able to set up several tests, run small trials, tweak and then run my larger load tests. A great experience.” – Andrew Grubbs, Sr Technical Architect, Malcolm Pirnie

“Great load testing tool! I enjoy interacting with the LoadStorm customer service guys. It’s exactly what we need for launching our newest applications. Easy to use and priced right; yet, really cool form submission features for login. I think the world of the service!” – Rafael Santander, Performance Engineer,

“I’m sure we will be back in the future as I found your service incredibly useful during our last server build-out project.” – Will Reigle, Systems Administrator,

Thanks for a great tool! – Soeren Sprogoe, B2C e-Commerce Consultant,

Your service is great. It is allowing us to make sure we are completely ready for launch. It gives us a great insight on what to expect when we take our sites live so we don’t have any surprises. Thank you again for your great response time. You guys really helped us out!” – Grant Spofford, VP Interactive Services, Ackerman McQueen

It’s a great tool. Thanks!” – Mike Gorton, Development Manager,

“Looks good… Thanks for the VERY QUICK response and resolution.” – Jeremy Zeidner, Software Engineer, Group Commerce Inc.

“Thank you very much for your help! Thus far, I have been impressed with the product and, even more so, impressed with your customer service.” – Tom Pinkerton, EasyAds

“Your system has helped us achieve our objectives with our client (Irish National Lottery). I appreciate having such a scalable product that is easy to use. The price is unbelievable. We intend to continue working with LoadStorm going forward.” – Paud O’Keefe, Technical Director,

“I made a test account with you guys and I was able to get a test run and was really impressed with how easy it was to use. – Michael Matthews, Software Engineer,

“Just ran my first free test and I’m really impressed with the tool . Great way to see how my server holds up to more than just a developer and a designer!” – Chris Becker, Agile Web Developer,

“By using LoadStorm I was able to quickly assess the scalability and capacity of my website, therefore giving me and my customers peace of mind about it’s ability to handle our anticipated traffic needs. I found LoadStorm to be very useful.” – Dewayne Richardson, CTO, Clatterhead Social Media

“I found Scott at LoadStorm to be willing to listen and very eager to help. Beyond price, I like them because it just works.” – David Parkinson, Founder,

“Cloud-based load testing is changing the way companies like ours invest in the performance quality of our applications. LoadStorm is the undeniable leader in this space.” – Sidd Pagidipati, CEO,

“When I was introduced to LoadStorm’s service I was amazed at the ease with which I could set up a load test that didn’t “simulate” load but actually generated traffic against my web server in a real world worst/best case scenario. The free level of testing is useful enough but the cost of the Tornado was just too good to pass up. Cost benefit is getting a month of service that costs less than what your developer or engineer costs by the hour. ” – Russ Thomas, DBA, ESD112, Vancouver WA

“My main requirements in sourcing a load test tool were primarily to find something that didn’t require a steep learning curve, was simple to work with, and would deliver the functionality of corporate sized test tools without the typical extravagant costs. Having evaluated a few, Loadstorm easily delivers on all counts. Not only was I up and running in a matter of hours – but the support when needed has been rapid and professional. I particularly like that you’re allowed to build and validate your scripts using a fixed amount of free users before committing to any real test runs. The fact that you have flexibility in subscribing to a monthly plan, to purchase additional users “on demand” or combine as needed, allows for a fantastically cost effect and flexible pricing structure to suit all budgets. A great tool overall and easy to recommend!” – Nick Taliadoros, QA Manager, Cellectivity

“LoadStorm helped us quickly identify a major performance bug and a potential bottleneck under high load. We were able to rapidly correct the problem and retest to verify the workaround. LoadStorm’s software as a service approach really fit well with our needs. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a simple, inexpensive load testing tool . I’ll definitely be back the next time we need to do some stress testing. Thanks for the great service. ” – Will Carlton, Web Developer

“LoadStorm provided us with a rapid solution to perform load testing for a client. At Channel Dynamix, we have worked with many load testing solutions and LoadStorm proved to be the quickest and easiest to implement. With LoadStorm simulating hundreds of end-users, we were able to pinpoint bottlenecks easily before our client brought their mission-critical web application online.” – Joe Alapat, COO, Channel Dynamix

“Easy and fast setup, very user friendly. I was able to run my first tests within minutes from signing up! Easy to understand and compare analytics. Additional kudos for the real-time load-testing widget.” – Rost Zaika,

“LoadStorm…awesome product!” – Kaine Escott, CEO, Harvey Norman Big Buys

“All I can say is — WOW!” – Greg Holmberg, System Engineer, Likelist

“Loadstorm was essential in helping us prepare for a very large spike in traffic with limited lead time – its interface is very straightforward and easy to use, while providing a great deal of essential information and customizability.” – Will Ashley, Web Services Manager, National Urban League

“Your load testing tool was good and very helpful to us.” – Srinivas K, Performance Engineer,

“Thanks for the all-around great customer service.” – Jon Linn,

“I like your load testing tool. I’ve performed tests on a newly developed auction site. The outcome was very useful.” – Mark Langeweg, Project Manager, Detron

“You were a huge help today (and last week) getting me up and running. I can’t remember the last time I received such amazing on-boarding support. LoadStorm PRO is a fantastic tool. This is the start of a great technology vendor relationship.” – Allen Cryer, CTO,

“I have many load test options, but LoadStorm is the clear choice due to fantastic customer support.” – Scott Wood, VeriCode Inc.