What our customers say…

“LoadStorm is a great tool. It gives us peace of mind before the big event.
I’ll definitely sleep better tonight. We used to guess our limits. Now we know.
I love LoadStorm and so do our clients.”

– Nate Haug, Senior Architect, Lullabot –

LoadStorm PRO Benefits

Cloud Based

Easy Recording
of Scripts

Scripting Control



Work Entirely in the Cloud

LoadStorm PRO allows you to work entirely on a cloud based platform. This means that there is no hardware to purchase, no software to download, and you have intricate control over all your tests including selective global distribution of traffic.

No hardware to purchase

Gone are the days of “old-school” load testing setups. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on servers for a testing lab to run your large load tests, LoadStorm uses the power of cloud servers and is able to run load tests up to 1,000,000 concurrent VUsers. This saves your testing team both time and money.

No software to download

There is no download or long install process with LoadStorm PRO. Just request a free demo and a consultant will get you a free account set up in minutes!

Test from anywhere

Our cloud platform allows you to test from any computer with internet access. Therefore, if your company has professionals in America and Germany, both teams can be working on scripts and reviewing the same load testing results.

Geographic distribution of traffic

With LoadStorm PRO, you have complete control over the geographic distribution of traffic. Only want US traffic to hit your application? Need mostly Ireland traffic with a mix of global VUsers? How about 50/50 split between Singapore and Tokyo? You have many options that are easily accomplished with LoadStorm PRO.

Easy Recording of Scripts

Use the developer tools in your browser to record realistic user behavior and browser interactions.

Simply start recording and navigate around the application taking actions that real users will take.

Recording captures every request made by the browser including html, CSS, images, Javascript, and AJAX.

Posts are captured when you submit a form in the browser and can then be customized for each individual VUser.

Sophisticated Scripting Control

LoadStorm PRO allows you to fully customize a script without any manual coding.

The UI shows you each request for a specific server, which ones are POSTs and GETs, and any error status codes returned by the target application.

Parameterization supports generated test data or CSV such as usernames and passwords, custom query strings, and think times randomized between a minimum and maximum value.

Performance engineers can create their own transactions. Any group of contiguous requests can be defined and detailed timing will be calculated during each load test run for every VUser.

CSRF tokens, SessionIDs, hidden input fields, and other application security identifiers are handled by test scripts. It is possible to capture any content from response headers or content to reuse the data in subsequent POSTs.

Timeouts can be set for the entire script, a single request, a transaction, or a page.

Scripts that have successfully been run against a staging server can be modified with one command to be executed against a new server such as production.

JSON payloads in the HTTP body can be modified such that each VUser submits unique data.

In-Depth Analysis

Find out if your target application can handle the load of VUsers. Key performance metrics provide insight are calculated and displayed for each one-minute interval of the test duration.

See the results as the test is running. Interactive graphs visually show the relationship between load measurements such as Throughput and Users with performance measurements such as Response Time and Errors.

Easily find the requests receiving slow responses. Performance intelligence is provided by allowing filtering of all test results by script, by page, by error, and by resource type. Drill down into very specific aspects of your web application to understand the user’s perspective.

Frequency distributions showing every resource are sortable with one click.

Statistical breakdowns provide response time consistency views of response time mean, 1 standard deviation from mean, 90% of all responses, and the min/max for each one-minute interval.

Visibility into each server’s performance is provided with a simple dropdown menu.

Quickly view which errors were generated by which requests and at what point during the test. Errors are captured from response status codes, request timeouts, and server connection problems.

Consulting Included

Our team of experienced performance engineers is available to help with your load testing.

We can train your team to use LoadStorm PRO for your specific needs.

If your team is resource-constrained, our performance engineers can manage the entire performance testing project for you.

Our consultants can assist you with information about industry best practices.

We can build custom scripts to meet the testing requirements and show your team how to parameterize scripts with your data files.

Our engineers can assist with analyzing your test results, identify problem areas for application or system architectures optimization.

We can help with server and application monitoring during load testing to make suggestions on tuning code or configuration settings.