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Parameterize Scripts

Run a Load Test

Results Summary

Detailed Results

Built for the Cloud

LoadStorm PRO utilizes the power of the cloud so there is no hardware to purchase, no software to install. Just open a web browser and get started.


Running your first test is easy! Simply enter a URL and PRO will run a load test of 10 concurrent VUsers over 10 minutes. This allows you to get a feel for using LoadStorm PRO’s top notch reporting, without having to build full scripts first.

Powerful Learning Materials

Whether you prefer to learn in simple step by step instructions, video tutorials, or even a full product manual, we’ve got you covered! PRO is a very powerful tool, we want to make it easy for you to learn how to use it.


Not ready to run a load test against your own site yet? No problem! LoadStorm PRO allows you to simply import a script into your account so that you can get a feel for parameterizing a script and running a test against one of our example servers.

No Complex Scripting Language

Instead of learning a complex scripting language and scripting your load tests by hand, LoadStorm PRO allows you to build HAR recordings in your browser quickly and easily. Then you just upload the HAR file as a script, ready to parameterize.

Easily Build a HAR

Simply open your browser and use developer tools to save each request made as you navigate around the application taking the actions that you want the VUsers to take such as browsing, logging in, and completing a purchase.

Realistic Client Side Processing

By capturing each request made by the browser, the script will contain the necessary information to simulate client side processing such as AJAX and Javascript when running the load test.

Customize Scripts

LoadStorm PRO makes it easy to parameterize scripts and edit them as much or a little as needed. Additional features include filtering, custom user data, and content validation.

Easily Find Requests

Easily sort or filter all requests by resource, status code, errors, size, or by POST/GET requests. This way you can easily access any request that you wish to modify.

Forms, Query Strings, & JSON Payloads

You can easily modify POST requests so that each VUser will enter different information, just like real users will. Submit custom user data such as login credentials or credit card numbers from your own CSV or let LoadStorm generate data for you.

Customize Requests

You can easily change any request in the script. You can change the server or part of the URL, timeout setting, or skip the request entirely.

Validate Responses

If you need to make sure the response contains some specific text on the page or the size of the response content, LoadStorm allows you to set the validation on every request.

Select and Weight Scripts

Choose the scripts you want included in the load test and then weight each to represent real user traffic patterns.

Complete Control

LoadStorm PRO allows you to set start and peak users, load test duration, duration of test spent at peak load. You can also select linear or step up ramp pattern.


Run your load test right away, or schedule it for the future. This feature makes it easy to run tests overnight or run regular check up tests throughout the month.

Traffic Source

Choose from several geographic locations to control where your load testing traffic will be generated from.

Summary Graph

This graph provides all the most important metrics all together so you can easily analyze how you application is responding to load. Metrics included are: requests per second, concurrent users, peak response time, throughput, % errors, and average response time.

Interactive Graphs

Click on any metric to toggle the line on/off in the graph. This allows you to really focus on the metrics you are interested in at any time.

Filter Results

With LoadStorm PRO, you can filter down and view the Summary graph with information on a specific script, a server, or even by request type.


Test information and key statistics are summarized in tables that contain information such as total requests, peak response time, average response time, average throughput, total errors, test run settings and max VUsers.

In-Depth Reporting

LoadStorm PRO has extensive graphs and charts. There are pages to analyze results by response times, errors, pages, transactions, and even each request by time in the test.

Export Results

Export your results as a pdf for easy sharing or executive reports. You can also export all results as a raw CSV file for extensive analysis.

Advanced Graphs

Each section has interactive graphs to review the most important information. For example, the errors section graphs show error codes by percentage and also each error code over the duration of the test.

Sortable Tables

To really drill down into the details, review the tables which are sortable to help you find the information that is most important to you.