SpriteCloud Logo 2 spriteCloud is an independent software testing and test automation services provider. The company also helps organizations increase application development efficiency. SpriteCloud has worked with many organizations around the world including startups, SMBs, enterprises, brands, digital agencies, e-commerce, and mobile solutions providers. They provide a full range of software quality assurance (QA) services such as test planning, functional testing, test automation, performance testing, strategic consulting, mobile testing, load testing, and penetration / security testing. Founded in 2009, spriteCloud is based in the Netherlands.

TestCover pair wise Testcover.com offers a pairwise test case generator that helps testers get the results they need to develop optimal products and services in a fraction of the time, saving time and money on every project. Testcover.com is accessible via the cloud–a software as a service (SaaS) independent test design solution–and its Web Services Description Language (WSDL) interface enables ready integration with existing test tools. For more information visit Testcover.com, dial +1 732 299 4852 or email mgmt@testcover.com.

LogiGear testing LogiGear provides premium services to solve the most complex and difficult test and automation problems. With 16 years of research and practical experience, and over 3,000 testing projects completed, we deliver substantial value and the exact result that precisely meets each customer’s needs. We equip our test engineers with innovative methodologies and technologies that enable automation coverage to exceed 95% across 15 platforms.

Perform Software Testing Company – Perform is a software testing company located in Turkey. The company provides consulting for web performance to many different industries such as e-commerce, telecommunications, tourism, government, etc.