Tips and Tricks creating Load Testing Scripts

Overview A script is a browser recorded HAR file that you can modify in LoadStorm. Parameterizing scripts for a load test can seem like a daunting task, but we have a few tips on making it go more smoothly. 1. Keep load testing scripts simple. Making the script perform dynamically for each virtual user will depend greatly on the complexity of the application and the recording behavior. Generally we recommend keeping each script as simple as possible because the goal is to test the target server’s scalability, but testing functionality at scale is also good within reason. Sometimes this simple […]

Load Testing Mobile Apps

As mobile app usage increases, load testing mobile apps is becoming a key part of the software development lifecycle to make sure your application is ready for traffic. If your mobile app interacts with your application server via REST or SOAP API calls, then LoadStorm PRO can load test mobile app servers like yours. LoadStorm PRO uses HTTP archive (HAR) recordings to simulate traffic, and we normally create these recordings using a browser’s developer tools on the network tab to record all requests sent to the target server. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to two ways to […]

Super Bowl Site Performance

This weekend the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots battled to give fans quite possibly the strangest game ending ever. From a one-in-a-million catch, a turnover, and an all out fist fight, this game will go down as one of the most interesting in recent Super Bowl history. Super Bowl Site Performance Game But while we may love football, we all know that this is only half of the competition. At $4.5 million dollars a piece, Super Bowl commercials only get a few seconds to vy for our attention, beat the competition, and make a valuable impression. After previous […]

Introducing QuickStorm

Here at LoadStorm, we’re happy to announce one of our newest, free features! Are you interested in web development? Have you creating your own site? QuickStorms are a great tool to get initial insight into site performance, and can also be used as a tool to benchmark performance before making performance enhancements on your site. What is a QuickStorm? QuickStorms are small, short load tests that can be used to evaluate site performance. All you have to do is enter your site’s URL. LoadStorm will generate a load test against the URL, scaling from 1 – 10 virtual users over […]

Cyber Monday Performance Evaluations

From Amazon to Argos, online retailers are experiencing more traffic than ever this holiday season. This Cyber Monday reached a record high of $2.68 billion! Competition is fierce, and in this game, seconds = $$$. This year, we selected 29 major e-commerce sites and used LoadStorm to run several tests to compare their performance on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving with Cyber Monday. We created scripts for each site to model typical e-commerce user activity. Each script would hit the homepage, search for a product, add a product to the cart, and then visit the cart. Then we ran our performance […]

Tips and Tricks to Troubleshooting PRO Scripts

Overview When a recording is first uploaded, it behaves the same as when it was recorded; That is, it makes all the same requests, with no differentiating qualities. Until you parameterize it, our application will simply repeat all of the GETs, POSTs, and occasional PUT requests the same way they were recorded, but we handle a few things automatically such as cookies and most form tokens. Often new scripts can have a bundle of requests and only a few of which that need parameterization to work as expected for every VUser that makes that request. These problems are often found […]

6 Facts About Cyber Monday Every E-Commerce Business Should Know

1. Cyber Monday is Growing Adobe reported that Cyber Monday e-commerce sales in 2013 reached $2.29 billion – a staggering 16% increase over 2012. comScore reported that desktop sales on Cyber Monday 2013 totaled over $1.73 billion, making it the heaviest US online spending day in history. With these kinds of numbers, only time will tell how long Cyber Monday will continue to grow. But one thing is certain, Cyber Monday is the single most important day of the year for e-commerce businesses. 2. Mobile Shopping is Growing Sites only designed for desktops are missing out on a huge chunk […]

LoadStorm PRO Now with Transaction Response Timing – What does this mean for you?

Today, LoadStorm published a press release announcing our new Transaction Response Timing. For many professional performance testers, especially those used to products like HP Loadrunner or SOASTA CloudTest, wrapping timings around logical business processes and related transactions, is a familiar concept. For those of you that aren’t familiar, I’ll explain. What is Transaction Response Time? Transaction Response Time represents the time taken for the application to complete a defined transaction or business process. Why is it important to measure Transaction Response Time? The objective of a performance test is to ensure that the application is working optimally under load. However, […]

Steps of Performance Testing

Steps of Performance Testing

Performance testing is typically done to help identify bottlenecks in a system, establish a baseline for future testing, or support a performance tuning effort. Some performance tests are used to determine compliance with performance goals and requirements, and/or collect other performance-related data to help stakeholders make informed decisions related to the overall quality of the application being tested. In addition, the results from performance testing and analysis can help you to estimate the hardware configuration and scale required to support the application(s) when you “go live” to production. Follow these best practice steps of performance testing. 1. Identify the Test […]

Web Performance of Ecommerce Applications

You probably have been wondering why I’ve posted so infrequently over the past year. We have been bombarded with emails and phone calls demanding more blogging that includes my extremely dry, obtuse humor. So, in the interest of global stability and national security, I must acquiesce to the will of the masses. Right. That’s a joke. I’m only slightly more popular than Justin Bieber. If you are a serious tech geek, you’ll need to look up that Bieber reference. Web performance is why you read our blog, and web performance is my life. I want our blog to contain the […]