Load Testing to Prepare for 2 Million Pageviews

Yesterday I received an email from a client named Mike. He’s a nurse. He is not a web developer, nor is he a software tester. He runs a very successful Christmas website TheSantaTracker. Anyway, he wrote a few paragraphs on his perspective (inexperienced, non-technical) on load testing. I thought I would post it here to share with everyone – especially because he has nice things to say about us! 😉 Some of this will sound like a commercial, and I apologize in advance for that. However, I hope those readers who are not regular coders or quality assurance folks will […]

Is LoadStorm a Good Solution?

Load Testing Solution – Our Customers Speak Out In a typical month, we get about 5-10 complimentary comments from our clients. Sometimes on the phone during a conversation when they are asking for advice, and sometimes in an email after they have tried the system. I usually ask if they will allow me to quote them. Most say yes, but there are restrictions from the legal departments of big corporations that prevent me from posting some fantastic testimonials. Normally, I put all the customer quotes (approved) on our load testing testimonials page. Today I thought this one deserved a blog […]

Drupal Load Testing Partnership

Load Testing Drupal Implementations with LoadStorm Promet Source, web application development specialists in Chicago, announced their official Drupal load testing partnership with LoadStorm recently. Their press release called it, “Drupal systems finally able to undergo efficient, rigorous load-barring testing.” According to Promet’s team, they like the “powerful, cost-effective web load test tool, and with LoadStorm’s ability to quickly create a load test to simulate a scenario of sudden high traffic to a given website, the partnership represents the continuing evolution of Promet Source’s test driven development.” “The complex online systems that we build require rigorous testing,” says Andrew Kucharski, President […]