Load Testing Drupal Implementations with LoadStorm

drupal load testingPromet Source, web application development specialists in Chicago, announced their official Drupal load testing partnership with LoadStorm recently. Their press release called it, “Drupal systems finally able to undergo efficient, rigorous load-barring testing.”

According to Promet’s team, they like the “powerful, cost-effective web load test tool, and with LoadStorm’s ability to quickly create a load test to simulate a scenario of sudden high traffic to a given website, the partnership represents the continuing evolution of Promet Source’s test driven development.”

“The complex online systems that we build require rigorous testing,” says Andrew Kucharski, President of Promet Source. “With LoadStorm, we have been able to offer our clients the assurance that their website can withstand the high level of traffic that they can expect their site will draw.” Promet Source’s clients will now benefit from capacity planning that is backed by custom-built automated scaling systems that will be able to respond to traffic surges. Promet, in partnership with LoadStorm, has already been able to ensure that their client OptionIt, a popular online reservation tool, is able to withstand the high peaks in traffic it receives after crucial sporting championship or tour announcements.

“It takes skilled engineers to optimize Drupal implementations properly and achieve high performance,” noted Scott Price, Vice President of LoadStorm. “Andy’s team is probably the best in the world. Making a Drupal site look pretty can be done by just about any dev shop but making it run efficiently takes real experts because of the complexity of Drupal’s many modules. LoadStorm is proud to be a partner of Promet Source.”

About Promet Source

drupal load testing partnerPromet Source is a full service technology firm, focusing on Drupal and iOS that delivers high-value consulting and software development solutions that clients need to grow their business. As a leading technology provider of web services, Promet Source focuses on complex web development, support, mobile applications, and strategic marketing. We are dedicated to open source software solutions by providing managed services for Drupal-based websites, products, and applications. For more information, visit Promet’s website at www.prometsource.com.

About LoadStorm

LoadStorm is a cloud load testing tool. It has a simple browser user interface that makes it easy to create many scenarios representing different user types and allocate the right volume of traffic to each. With thousands of servers around the world, it is able to simulate up to 100,000+ concurrent users. Try it free by creating a Breeze account.