Load Testing Solution – Our Customers Speak Out

In a typical month, we get about 5-10 complimentary comments from our clients. Sometimes on the phone during a conversation when they are asking for advice, and sometimes in an email after they have tried the system. I usually ask if they will allow me to quote them. Most say yes, but there are restrictions from the legal departments of big corporations that prevent me from posting some fantastic testimonials.

Normally, I put all the customer quotes (approved) on our load testing testimonials page. Today I thought this one deserved a blog post because I haven’t taken the time lately to write much for our blog. This seemed like a good way to showcase how LoadStorm clients feel about the work we do and the product we offer.

The following is unedited from the customer’s email to me:

I wasn’t sure where to send this to but I wanted to provide some info on our experience using your services last month.

My company had a major conference coming up and one of the new websites we had acquired needed to have some load tests done within one week. I was going crazy trying to figure out how I was going to setup load testing for a new website, without any load testing software, in this short time frame.

Luckily, I found LoadStorm.com. I was able to create my first set of tests within only a few minutes and could tell right away that this was the way to go. Unfortunately, there was a matter of costs to get the amount of virtual users I needed that I was sure was going to be expensive. It was the opposite.

Loadstorm.com has the best pricing model on the market and when you combine that with the service and support they offer I haven’t seen another company that even comes close.

Even when I did run into an issue with the testing, (which turned out to be my fault), the support staff was very quick to get back with me and help to resolve the issue.

Thanks again for the great service and I look forward to continuing to use your site.


Jeremy Pfingsten

Software Test Analyst

Drilling Info, Inc.