Web Performance News of the Week

This week in web performance news, Github victors over DDoS attacks, IE’s replacement gets clarifications, and IBM invests in the Internet of Things. GitHub DDOS attack This week GitHub endured a large scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) that began on March 26th and lasted for 5 days. GitHub said there were a number of vectors being used in this attack, including sophisticated techniques that used the web browsers of unsuspecting users to flood the GitHub site with traffic. While GitHub proclaimed the attack was the largest in company history, they were able to mitigate and deflect most of the evolving […]

Web Performance News of the Week

This week in web performance, Google clarified the new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm details, Facebook open-sourced its Augmented Traffic Control tool, and internet service providers filed lawsuits against the FCC to stop net neutrality. Google clarifies the Mobile-friendly algorithm details The April 21st launch date for the new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm is approaching quickly, This week Google held a live Q&A hangout to provide more details about what we can expect. Here’s what you need to know: There are no degrees of mobile-friendliness; your page is either mobile-friendly or it isn’t. Google added that it will be the same with desktop […]

Web Performance News of the Week

This week in web performance, we saw announcements from Apple, Chinese tech giants joining the auto-industry, and Bitcoin struggles with handling denial of service attacks. Spring Forward developer announcements from Apple Announcements from Apple always bring exciting discussion to the tech world, and this time was no different. Apple made several announcements on Monday, including ResearchKit, an open-source software framework to attempt to integrate medical and health research with iPhone apps. Other exciting developer announcements included the OS X Server 4.1 Developer Preview, as well as new Xcode 6.3 beta 3 which includes iOS 8.3 SDK and Swift 1.2. China’s tech companies […]

Web Performance News of the Week

This week in web performance, we take a look at the Mobile World Congress highlights and Google’s new developments in quantum computing. Barcelona hosts Mobile World Congress This week, the 2015 Mobile World Congress brought 93,000 attendees to Barcelona, Spain with over 2,000 exhibitors and 3,800 analysts. Over 40 keynotes were given, featuring Mark Zuckerberg and Tom Wheeler, GSMA hosted the GSMA Seminar Program and highlighted the Connected Living innovations, and the 20th Annual Global Mobile Awards recognized outstanding industry leaders. This event reminded us that it’s the Internet of Everything era, with smart cars, appliances, vending machines and even […]

Web Performance News of the Week

It’s a great week on the internet! This week in web performance the preservation of net neutrality and new announcements from Google and Apple make headlines.   FCC votes to preserve net neutrality, classifying broadband as a utility Yesterday the Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to approve the proposed net neutrality rules for both wireless and fixed broadband. The proposed rules will disallow paid prioritization, as well as the blocking and throttling of lawful content and services. After overwhelming public outcry, this win for advocates of net neutrality is being called “the free speech victory of our times” and “an […]

Performance News

There were a lot of interesting things going on in the web performance world this week! New Google tools and developer news made headlines, as well as the Ocean’s Eleven of cyber crime. Cyber criminals make out with one billion dollars from more than 100 banks In possibly one of the greatest bank heists ever, hackers installed spyware on the computers of over 100 different financial institutions in 25 different countries, including the US. By mimicking the regular bank workflows, they were able to transfer between $2.5 and $10 million from each bank into their own accounts. The Ocean’s Eleven […]

Super Bowl Ads = Lots of Traffic. Are Sites Ready?

Super Bowl ads crashing websites isn’t a new story. But it is one that deserves a bit of attention about this time every year. Back in 1999, Victoria’s Secret made a big splash with their Super Bowl Ad. The ad was one of the very first ever to tie in TV and web. It promoted an online lingerie fashion show and over a million viewers logged on to watch. . . crashing the site. Since then, using Super Bowl ads to drive traffic to a website has become a very popular marketing technique. Many companies use the massive marketing power […]

Can load testing help stop hackers?

In light of the recent Sony hack, security should be on every web developer’s mind. This cyber attack, which is being called “the worst cyber attack in U.S. history” by Sony’s CEO, is a perfect example of why security is something we all need to take seriously. An enormous amount of personal and financial information was revealed for millions of customers. As we grow increasingly aware of these occurrence, we as developers need to go forward with the mindset that people will be trying to access our data. As the internet and technology permeates throughout physical stores, our information is […]

WordPress Hosting Providers Study: Web Performance & Scalability

Click to Zoom Experiment: When it comes to web performance, study after study has proven: fast and scalable wins the race. But with thousands of WordPress hosting providers, how do you know which one is fast and scalable? That is where ReviewSignal.com comes in. Their business is all about helping people identify which hosting provider is the best choice for them. Kevin Ohashi from ReviewSignal has been working with LoadStorm to run a series of load tests on some of the top WordPress hosting providers to determine which is the best for companies who need scalable websites. Our performance engineers […]

Introducing QuickStorm

Here at LoadStorm, we’re happy to announce one of our newest, free features! Are you interested in web development? Have you creating your own site? QuickStorms are a great tool to get initial insight into site performance, and can also be used as a tool to benchmark performance before making performance enhancements on your site. What is a QuickStorm? QuickStorms are small, short load tests that can be used to evaluate site performance. All you have to do is enter your site’s URL. LoadStorm will generate a load test against the URL, scaling from 1 – 10 virtual users over […]