Does Adblock improve your load time?

An essential rule is to have ad banners displayed after the main content is displayed. In terms of perception, users wont notice the banner until they find the content they’re looking for on the page. While your web page will most likely download less data, your perception of speed isn’t likely to fluctuate drastically due to the adblock extension. Perhaps testing this would be an interesting experiment!

How does adblock work?

Adblock takes the div of the ad and gives it a height of 0. You can test this by putting a mini ad on your site and looking at the source code by switching adblock on and off. When the adblock is on, you can display a message that basically says if this height=0, then display a prompt or an alert telling the user that they have adblock on.

Even if loaded correctly, certain HTML elements are still hidden from the page especially if the element class=Ad.

For example, if youI had a whole bunch of images for a page called “apparel design”, and abbreviated them to AD very few of your images will display if you have adblock. AdBlock uses a pretty simple logic to determine what content is advertisment. One of the methods seems to be looking for anything named or prefixed “%ad%” “%banner%”
Here are some elements that adblock plus blocks:
id=”adBanner”: blocked
id=”adbanner”: blocked
id=”adAd”: blocked
id=”bannerad”: blocked
id=”adHello”: not blocked
class=”adAd”: not blocked
id=”adVert”: not blocked
id=”adFixed”: not blocked
id=”adFull”: not blocked

Another method for blocking ads is communication blocking. There are certain servers that host ads.AdBlock just needs to keep a list of all these server addresses and when the browser is ready to retrieve the ads, Adblock steps in to stop the connection. This is when communication to ad-servers are blocked altogether (the client request does not occur). The adblock will block all requests from certain URLs such as Google Adsense. Adblock Plus gets help from various lists such as EasyList to define, customize and distribute rules that maximize blocking efficiency.

Adblock Users

User experience is important to retain visitors to your website, but what if your website is generating revenue completely from web ads? Some user complain that ads put their computer at risk, that ads are ugly, irrelevant, and interrupting. Ads also include tracking technology which feels like a major violation of privacy for web users. Usually the best way is to stop users from complaining is making sure your ads are non-intrusive and topical.

Although we may hate ads, they are important to keep the internet free. To help facilitate a middle ground for uses and advertisers, Adblock Plus has set up a program called acceptable ads.Users can allow some of the advertising to not be considered annoying to be viewed. By doing this they support websites that rely on advertising but choose to do it in a non-intrusive way. Adblock Plus also answers the question “which ads are acceptable? To name a few they listed Static advertisements only (no animations, sounds or similar) and preferably text only, no attention-grabbing images